Character Info
Name: Kino Jinsune
Short-name: Kino
Race: Kitsune
Zodiac Sign: 
Origin: Japanese
Occupation: Guard fox demon
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Favorite Color: Pastels
Favorite Food:
 Meat, preferable chicken
Role in the house:   Guardian spirit
PersonalityHe is not easily startled, a creature that really can't do much other than please. Very soft and careful. 
Likes:  Dancing, hunting, playing, hugging, kissing
Dislikes being locked up.
Special Abilities: Five tailed kistune spirit. 
He was born in Japan 500 years ago and got tricked into being a slave familiar for a family.  300 years ago they took him over seas and it was the last time he saw his homeland. He was that families personal lucky charm. Bringing them good fortune over the centuries. But he stumbled over the circus and it people, and together they helped him escape. And since then he stayed with the cirkus, being their lucky guardian. 
Doll info
Company : Litte Rebel
Model : Jelle
Specials : Crobidoll R body
Resin color : Normal
Height : 63 cm
Sex : Male
Order date :  
Arrival date :
Wig: Brown fluffy
Eyes : Odd eye glass from ebay
Face-up : by Millimina
Other details : I was able to snatch one of the last cast Jelle heads from LR. I'm so happy! He is a sweetheart. And the slight different face makes a perfect fox boy.