Character info
Name: Embla Dalnim Freyvidyeldë
Short-name: Embla
Race: Fairy/human
Age: 25
Birthday: ?
Zodiac Sign:
Origin: Swedish/Korean
Occupation: Mom, princess, shop owner
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Favorite Color: Pink and white
Favorite Food:
Cup cakes, ice cream, macarons, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, berries, fruits and sweets.
Role in the house:  the little princess
Personality: A happy friendly girl that can be a bit shy at first. She loves the one around her, she is very sensitive and delicate. She can be very impulsive sometimes, but at the same time, she is very careful.
Likes: Her family and friends, animals, flowers, insects, bugs, the forest, nature, lakes, summer and spring, the moon.
Dislikes: Mean people, cutting down trees, killing the forest.
Special Abilities: She is a fairy, she has wings, can turn invisible, can calm and speak with animals, makes the flowers and plants tell her their secrets, and  her scream can hurt demonic and angelic creatures. 

She is a fairy princess, born in the house. She loved growing up with all the different creatures and people and all the friends. She was always a happy go lucky girl trying to see the good side of things. Trying to get her friends in a good mood when they are sad. 

She fell in love when she was a little child. In her body guard and nanny. It was an fairy warrior that was cast out from the fairy world. And he ended up as Emblas body guard. And she almost from the start fell in love with him. It took many years before she got what she wanted: him. They become a couple and she was happy as she ever could be. 

But say the happiness that last? Her love one day said he didn't love. That he never really did. She was more of a sister to him than anything else. Tat shattered her world. She had loved him her entire life. He left and she was alone with feeling and thought she couldn't understand. After a while she decided to go to the fairy realm. She was the lost princess after all. She was still sad and confused but tried to keep up a good face. The happy go lucky girl was gone. 

When she was in the fairy realm, she was appointed a personal guard. And he tried to help her in any way he could. Be there for her when she cried. He took her around the fairy city. And they become close. So close that Embla started to feel safe with him. She told her story for him, and he promised her to be with her forever. And that his love was real for her. 

Together they got a beloved son. 

After the Tragic Event
Her second love had left her. Not by choice but by force. Se only had her little son left. And she is holding him as hard as she can. Terrified of loosing him. He is the one thing she have left from her loved one. 
Doll info
Company : Fairyland
Type : minifee
Model : Ryeon
Specials : elf ear mods by me, sanded nose

Resin color : Normal
Height : 42
Sex : Female
Order date :  
Arrival date
Pink mohair, pastel limited from fairland
Eyes  Brown glass from Safrindoll
Face-up : Custom by BjdMillimina
Other details : Head and body bought seperatly second hand.