Delusional World

In this, my wold, were my doll characters live, there is some extra info added to the world we live in.

The world of Men

My world is based upon our own world, our own countries, historical events, knowledge and so on. Mankind is like we are most, but there is more to the world and just the world of men. Mankind is as high up on their horses as they are right now, we send things out into space, e destroy the very planet we live on. There is poverty in the world, people starving and are in war while on the other end of the world there is wealthy and rich people. Celebrities, TV-shows, music and culture is still the same. With a few minor changes. The world of the men is by any mean the same world you and I live in every day. Stories about elf, dragons, ghosts and other things is just a fairytale.