What is BJD?

- It's short for "Asian Ball Jointed Doll" or just Ball Jointed Doll.These dolls comes in various shapes and sizes, but they are all made out of high quality resin(polyurethane). They have joints just like a human and are hold together by a strong elastic band that runs through the body of the doll.

There a generally 3 sizes of dolls:

1/6 - is about 25-30 cm high.
1/4 - is about 40-45 cm high.
1/3 - is about 55-65 cm high.
And then you have the really big dolls that is 70, 80 and 90 cm tall.

The common name of those dolls is SD. It stands for Super Dollfie and was fist used by the company Volks for their own 1/3 dolls. But other companies took that name too and now it's a common thing. Volks also created a 1/4 line of dolls witch they called MSD (Mini Super Dollfie), and MSD is also a common name for 1/4 sized dolls now days.

These dolls are very customizable. You can take them apart, change part(some companies makes extra parts for their dolls such as hands, high held feet, sleeping faces, different face expressions plates and so on), change the wigs, eyes and face up on the doll. You can even do modifications like sanding noses, change the shape of the face or eyes. Sanding down breasts and modify new body parts. You can give them tattoos, pierce the ears, paint their toenails. That is one reason why this hobby is so popular; you can make your very own character that only you have.

When you have you very own and unique doll you can buy just about anything you want like clothes and shoes. Or you can make your very own clothes and shoes. Many people who like to sew by a doll to sew clothes on and sells to other doll owners. Or you can make wigs and sell them. Or paint face ups. Or make furniture. Or props. You can do very different things with these dolls and that is another reason why they are so popular. And of course you can photograph them :3

If you wonder more please read this awesome site:

Why dolls?

- To satisfy my own personal creative needs :D And I just love that you can do so many things with them. It all started with that I stumbled upon some pictures from LUTS, not knowing what it was. A while later I saw them again and started to check out the website, falling in love with the beauty of those things. Later on I found the internationally forum and later on a Swedish one. I started to get to know more people with dolls and started to get in the hobby more and more. But it took over 2 years from I first started getting in the hobby before I had my very own first doll.

In my case, I ended up learning a lot about the hobby before getting my first doll, but many people buy a doll whiteout even knowing what it is. Then you will learn by trial and error when you get the doll. There is not really the right way to do, it all depends on who you are as a person if you want to read up on the hobby or not before your very own.

My dolls are love for me. I love each and every one of them with all my heart. They are not only great way to let my imagination go banzai, but I love creating Original Characters. And all my doll are my own OC's. And I spend quite some time creating them. The name, the background, the personality, the relations with others. I try to put a good thought in to all this, and I love it. They are my creations, but I tend to love them in the same way I love my cat. So there are a lot of things I like with this hobby. Not only the dolls, but the people in the hobby (most of the time anyway), the creativeness, the way you can customize them. I tend to sand my dolls quit some. And I'm getting better and better at modify them with sandpaper to my liking. It's really fun! But there is not really any boundaries for what you can do with these dolls, the only thing retaining you is your own imagination.

Do you make them?

- No. All my BJD's is bought by companies.

How much do they cost?

- from about $100 to over thousands.

Where do you get them?

- My Pullip and TaeYang are bought from EBAY.

My BJD's comes from
- Junjie, Ärindis, Ash, Erelim, Embla & Foxy
- Ayame
Dream of Doll
- Nilaihah
- Kirrily
- Kyo
Domuya - Elliott

These companies don't only sell dolls, they also sell wigs, eyes, clothes and other accessories. You can also find lots of accessories on EBAY. Just search for super dollfie, SD, dollfie and start browsing.

Can I buy your doll?

- No. They are my private collection of love. I will not sell them. I would never sell my cat just like that, and neither will I get rid of my resin babies. If I'm willing to sell them, I will let you know about it.

I really like your wig/eyes/clothes! Where can I get them?

- Eyes, wigs and clothes are usually bough from the companies listed above. I also make some clothes on my own, and I have a great sister and a dear friend that sew clothes for me too.

Your doll look just like an anime character/my cousin/an actor!

- If you think so. But my dolls are my own creations. And if I choose to base a character of mine on a existing anime character, it usually end up being mostly my own any way. And I don't really need to know you think my dolls looks like who ever it may be. I'm happy with the way they are :heart:

I want to know more about BJD! Were can I turn?

- Den of Angels is to recommend. There is more, but for international users I stick with this ^^