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Laila Ali Toons is my first blog based on this site. It is about the real Laila, her father, the toons, and everythingelse.


The Hero of Women's Boxing Buzz

Written by gnzimbio on Sep-23-10 10:48pm
When I type in the words Women's Boxing in the search engine of some sport websites, it seems as though the women are unheard of for boxing.  Laila Ali  was the hero of Women's boxing buzz. Some people down her out and say that she was no good, but who was making all of the most popular news? It was Laila Ali along with Mike Tyson as far as I can remember. Laila was doing all of the winning. Now, to find out the latest news on women's boxing, you have to go to www.womenboxing.com.  Women... Read Full Story

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Laila Ali News Adventures

Pencil and Ink Art

Fighting for Righteousness

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Dedications to Laila Ali

An Introduction

The Night Stinger is a character dedicated to Laila Ali who floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. I was inspired to create this character by watching Laila box.

Night Stinger

Tony Brown Made for Prison This time, Mr. Moe decided that he was going to do something about Tony Brown. He made a prison for Tony in an underground room of the chapel. The only go...

The Swarm is a sequel to the Night Stinger. The Night Stinger is Swarm in a different boxing robe. The Swarm is more of a vicious character fighting crime. She hangs up the blue Night Stinger robe to take a break, but her return is far worse.

Bood Fist comes from the character Swarm. She hangs up the swarm boxing robe and moves up to a higher level by saving the lost.

Blood Fist

Garment and Scroll Blood Fist had discovered that there were scriptures written in her robe. She found a tag in each one with sewed words of needle and thread. They were scr...

There were three garments made like a scroll that Insector Speed wore. The fourth scroll was invisible, but it existed. It was not a garment for Insector to wear, but it was something especially for her. It was something to test her, and it came from her fears. The scroll was a spirit and something more challenging for Insector.


The Echo of Tony Brown When Insector went back to the chapel, she heard an echo of the past. She heard the echo say, "Okay Ms. Stinger....." Insector knew she was hearing the ech...


Trainer "Captain" Cassius Green

 If I'm not mistaken "Captain" Cassius Green gave Laila Ali the name "She Bee Stinging". At first, it sounded odd, but the name has grown on Laila. He gave her the right name after all.



Dedications to Laila Ali are characters dedicated to Laila Ali.
They are Night Stinger, Swarm, Blood Fist, Insector Speed, and Vicious Ring. I was inspired to create all of these characters watching Laila Ali in the ring.
The Vicious Ring Character 
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About the Night Stinger

When Laila Ali was popular in boxing, I started making up characters of women boxers and writing stories. Laila Ali was ...


Laila Ali News

Laila Ali: Knocking Out The Competition In The Ring AND The Boardroom

Retired three-time world heavyweight boxing champion Laila Ali has her eye on the Forbes Billionaires List. That's where the 33-year old mother of two wants ...

Laila Ali Co-Host: Everyday Health TV Series

Read about the TV series that Laila Ali will co-host along with others...

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