Welcome to Lake Anne!

It's like living in a nature preserve close to the heart of the City.

Stunning photography from residents Bob Brodd and Latham Johnston


We would like to offer a friendly reminder that the Lake Anne park, playground, beach, lake and surrounding common areas are private property and for use only by Lake Anne residents and their guests. This includes lakeside fishing.

We thank you in advance for honoring the privacy of our neighbhorhood.

Proposed Recreation Field / McCrickard Park Master Plan

The intention of this proposed master plan is to beautify our park while giving the neighborhood a nice shelter for gatherings out of the elements.

The plan under consideration includes relocating the playset approximately 30' east of its current location, and building a 14'x30' shelter. The fire pit would be relocated closer to the shelter.

This shelter is designed to have hanging storage for a few small boats on the back, allowing neighbors without lake lots more access to the lake while keeping boats off the beach and out of sight. The boat storage also represents a potential revenue source through annual rental for those using it.

The HOA Board is accepting feedback on this proposal including how to fund it. Options include a fundraising campaign and annual rental for storing a boat. Please email your input to admin@lakeanneraleigh.com.

If you'd like a printed copy of the proposed master plan and full budget, email Mike at mmajewski@nc.rr.com.

photo: Nicola Prall
Photo: Shelly Leslie
Photo: Ed Preble
Photo: Shelly Leslie