The building of a Laguna

OK, so I'm not going to go into detail like an assembly manual. 
Essentially I'll show pics and tell you what you are looking at.  If you
wanted to build one the plans are available on Duckworks

Jim Michalak's excellent book serves as a step by
step guide for this boat and many more that are
built the same.

This series shows the bulkheads, temporary
frames, and sides cut out and ready for assembly.
 It was at this point that I began to see just how big this baby really is.

The sides are 1/4" AC plywood.  The bulkheads are 1/2"
 ply framed with 3/4" lumber.  The plans called for 1/4"
here too, but because I was building the boat in 3
pieces I had to have the double bulkheads at the
joining areas be extra strong. 
Since I did those with 1/2" I just did them all.  Notice 2 places
where there are 2 bulkheads stacked on top of each other. 

Here you can see the joint I did with the main
side piece in the upper right corner. 
The plan was for just butt gluing and then fiber
glassing the joint, but I chose to back it
with another piece of plywood.
 It is very strong, I have no concerns of it coming apart.

 Here you can see the bow and stern pieces.  They are
bolted to the main hull at the boat ramp.

Well here she is, in all her glory. 
I'm still amazed at how big she is!

This is my daughter Chantel,
she has helped more than anyone.

Her you see her clamped together on the Trailer another
TX200 guy gave me!  Perfect fit :-)

NO, I don't make the dog pull lol

This is me doing some sanding.

Here is Matthew working on the bottoms! 
He is a natural with power tools, chip off the
old block!

Just another view

Bottoms ON!~  YEAH BABY!!!!!