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                   In the early seventies, the growing number of people in the GSIS La Mesa Homeowners Association (GLAMEHA) triggered the need for a high school in Lagro Subdivision. The officers of GLAMEHA requested fervently for an establishment of a high school next to Lagro Elementary School. With the aid of the city government and the education bureau, Novaliches High School with Mr. Florencio Dumlao as principal started accepting students. This high school annex started on June 13, 1974 with 87 students and a facility, which were humbly two housing units in Block 59 and chairs the students provided themselves. 

                On August 26 of the same year, Lagro Annex was transferred to the Lagro Elementary School compound and occupied the sawali-walled makeshift building. The high school was then headed by Mr. Crispulo A. Pilar with Mr. Narciso M. Caingat, Mrs. Nilfa C. Caingat and Mrs. Greta Manlapig as pioneer teachers.

                Two years after, the enrolment rose to 249 from the former 87 with three sections in first year, two in second year, and one in third year. They were all managed to stay in just four classrooms guided by nine teachers.

                The first graduation from this high school happened two years after with an increased enrolment of 461 with Mrs. Josefa Q. Maglipon, head of the Home Economics Department in Novaliches High School, who replaced Mr. Pilar(who left for the United States).

                The School Year 1977-1978 reached 774 with 15 sections occupying seven classrooms.
With this problem on accommodation, Mr. Florencio Dumlao appealed to the national government for a Lagro Annex Building. Through the unrelenting efforts of the department head-in-charge and with the PTA lobbying behind, the 1.3 hectare present school site, and building became a reality. 

                It was the significant day of September 1, 1978 that Lagro High School was inaugurated by Mrs. Commemoracion M. Concepcion, the former schools division superintendent. Thus, it has become its foundation day. 

                Hand in hand with the influx of residents in Lagro Subdivision is the continuous increase of student population. And to accommodate this increasing population, a six-room building on the southern site of the campus was constructed. The school then also improved with the completion of concrete fences surrounding the campus, construction of the stage and the new steel flagpole, all to house and educate the community.

                Mr. Reinoso was replaced by Mrs. Virginia H. Cerrudo on September of 1981. 

                Mrs. Cerrudo was replaced with Ms. Felicidad C. Gutierrez in 1987 bringing another building funded by the city government. The same year created the Lagro High School-Payatas Annex with 257 students. This annex was assigned to Mrs. Sheridan Evangelista, who was then the Social Studies Department Head of the Main School. 

                Promoted as Principal IV, Ms. Gutierres was transferred to E. Rodriguez Jr. High School. Mr. William S. Barcena took her place as the principal of Lagro High School on June 1991.

                Three years after, Mr. Barcena was replaced by Mrs. Cristina C. Monis, the General Education Supervisor I-English, as Officer-In-Charge on January 8, 1993.

                Mr. Gil T. Magbanua replaced Mrs. Monis on June 13, 1993
To accommodate the continuous increasing enrollees, the three-story building funded by the Quezon City Government was constructed. The third Annex in Fairview was finally opened with Mrs. Justina A. Farolan as the Teacher-In-Charge. 

                Dr. Consolacion C. Montano replaced Dr. Gil Magbanua later on with more improvements. 

                Mrs. Sheridan Evangelista made her comeback as the principal of Lagro High School in 1998 with improved facilities and technology advancements for the school. 

                The dawn of more improvements was realized when Dr. Fernando C. Javier became the principal in April 2003. The construction of the new building previously applied by Mrs. Sheridan Evangelista was built and inaugurated by the successor, Dr. Javier. The SB Building and the full renovation of the formerly called Social Hall was transformed into a multi-purpose conference room conveniently equipped with multimedia projectors and modern sound technology now being utilized for events, seminars, workshops by the whole division.
The construction of the new gate, renovations of all facilities and the covered court; Lagro High School now boasts of not only its talents but it’s conducive learning ambience sure to provide every learner more motivation to pursue his dreams. 

Lagro High School reaped achievements in the district, division, regional and national competition under Dr. Javier. The Bureau of Alternative Learning System was established and soon after the Open High School. The Special Education Program was established accepting deaf and blind students. The Guidance Program was also enhanced and improved with the administration of Dr. Javier. International competitions, speech and debate contests sponsored by the government and private companies, Palarong Pambansa, National Schools Press Conference and the creation of the Special Program in the Arts which annually showcases talents in its culminating activities.
Today, as we speak, Lagro High School does not only have a growing number of enrollees but also consistently develops as a community that consists of highly competitive and productive members.