Lago Titicaca and Perurail

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 May 11th 2013 

Iris, age 68, retired adventurist
Ride, hike and travel the Lago Titicaca and Peruraiload (Bolivia / Peru)
Review of the Tour

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

I've been dreaming since my early teenage time to travel to Lago Titicaca one day...

Coming from La Paz / Bolivia, I have been heading to Cusco / Peru. The capital city of the modern Inca.

I didn't ride the bike. To much dangerous upon the very busy roads. And most of the roads still winding up to more than 4.300 meters.

I have not seen any bicyclist...; my bicycle remains unpacked...

I am leaving La Paz with ambivalent feelings. The good: friendly people, the memories on the 'death ride'; the bad: the nights at the hostel. I learned the Bolivian word 'Loki' translates into 'crazy' in English. I had my accommodation at the Loki hostel. Crazy! Each night party until at least 4 o'clock in the morning. Youngsters drink until the went unconsciousness. I think, it was not only the high quantity of alcohol, what drives them crazy... . I more believe products from Coca leave farming has found a way to them...

Let's talk better issues:

I decided to take the bus from La Paz to Puno / Peru. And then take the Pururail train.

The Perurail train reminds me on the Oriental Express. Everything is polished, clean, best food and wine and really an interesting entertainment.

The pass by landscape is scenic. It takes at least an hour to leave the Lago Titicaca area.

The Lago Titicaca is so huge! With different changing shorelines. From tumble reed to rocky cliffs.

The train travels a low speed: mostly round 45 km/hour.

The distance Puno to Cusco takes more or less exactly 10 hours.

Worth to go!

Really recommended. Even, if the train ticket is costly: US-$ 153,-

See impressions from the ride at the pages below!

Enjoy the pictures. Good luck to our followers!

1st section - the travel from La Paz to Puno:

 'My' bus
 leaving save La Paz
 Locals park bicycles like this...
 My bicycle remains unpacked..
  The passengers ride a different ferry - not the same as the bus
 'My' ferry
 Roads are following the shoreline hills
 The busses ride a different ferry - not the same as the passengers
 the 'normal' elevation at Lago Titicaca
 lining up for Peru's entry procedure
 Passengers walk the border
 Welcome at Peru!
 Arriving busses
 Traffic at Puno
 Dinner at Puno with the Lago Titicaca Salmon trout
 The pedestrian walk at Puno
 'My' Coca leave treasure - must have left it over there
 Welcome band at the railroad station

2nd section - the travel from Puno to Cusco with the Perurail train:

 Perfect ambience at the Pururail train
 A ten hour ride starts
 Travelling for hours the Lago Titicaca shoreline
 many herds of Alpaca seen
 Bon appetit!
 the lonely switch
 a local flea market place
 My fury friends
 Preparing a Piscu sour
 Piscu sour - Cheers!
 Show time!
 Well, this is Perurail: eating each and every 4 hours - like babies...

3rd section - the very next day at Cusco:

 power nap
 free running street dogs like in Creek - made a lot of new friends
 the old dog of my hostel keeper
 I appreciate, they kept the dog even with one tooth and nearly blind
 Cusco a city under endless construction
 not all roads are rideable by bicycles
 Bad flowers - imprisoned....
 United we stand - divided we fall...