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The Contribution of Arts Education to Children’s Lives



The Importance of Arts Education



National Excellence: A Case for Developing America’s Talent – October 1993



Why Arts Education Is Crucial, and Who’s Doing It Best




Since the Marland Report to Congress in 1972, many states and districts have adopted guidelines for identifying gifted and talented students. Unfortunately, only a very few of the states are using these guidelines to identify the talented portion of gifted and talented. Happily, Louisiana is one of those states attempting to identify individuals with talents outside traditional academic achievement. The Louisiana Department of Education recognizes talent in three areas: music, theatre, and arts. Although the state recognizes these talents and is attempting to service them, the vast majority of talented students spend most of the school day in a regular classroom where little is done to adapt the curriculum to their special learning needs. Another issue holding back the growth of our talented programs exists in the identification of these students. Without basic opportunities in the regular classroom in these talented areas, outstanding talent in these disciplines is difficult to discover and cultivate.


With all of the challenges set forth above, many Louisiana teachers are forging ahead, with little or no budget, to create outstanding programs for the talented students they currently have as well as actively seeking out new students to join their programs. These amazing teachers are our best resource in expanding the talented programs in Louisiana.


Parents – Please check back soon for details on how to get your child into one of these vital programs.


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