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LAGIFTED is seeking volunteers to serve on it's board. If you are interested in serving our community please consider joining our team. Offices and duties are listed below:
President: Presides at LAGIFTED meetings and coordinates the work of the group.
President-Elect: Assists the President and succeeds the President.
Vice-President for Membership: Maintains membership data and recruits members.
Vice-President for Programs: Promotes and organizes meetings and activities. VP for Programs will serve as a liason between LAGIFTED and the various parishes throughout the state.
Vice-President of Public Relations: Maintains LAGIFTED website and communications. VP of Public Relations will promote Gifted and Talented options in Livingston parish and throughout the state to parents of G/T students and those interested in G/T programs.
Secretary: Records minutes of meetings.
Treasurer: Custodian of LAGIFTED funds.
Members "At-Large:: At least three persons serving three-year terms. If you are unable to consider serving on the board at this time, please consider becomin a LAGIFTED member. Join our email list and stay up-to-date on G/T program options by going to our website. Membership is free at this time!