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Worldfilm Tartu Festival of Visual Culture

publié le 15 nov. 2011 à 07:45 par Emmanuelle Wielezynski-Debats   [ mis à jour : 15 nov. 2011 à 07:45 ]
Le Festival de Tartu (Estonie) sélectionne “l’école nomade” !
Worldfilm 2009 – Tartu Festival of Visual Culture to be held in Tartu, Estonia, 23–29.03.2009
Tartu is a national university town with a unique intimate atmosphere that characterizes our festival community as well.
In order to have a truly successful festival, it is not enough to have just a good film program. We provide a friendly and comfortable setting where filmmakers can discuss their work with colleagues and the audience. The event brings together all those interested, including filmmakers, anthropologists, researchers, journalists and students.