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Festival International “Ecologie et Nature”

publié le 15 nov. 2011 à 07:41 par Emmanuelle Wielezynski-Debats   [ mis à jour : 15 nov. 2011 à 07:41 ]
The relationship of humans with their environment in which they carry out their strategies, whether for survival or development, is one of the great issues of our time, and probably the one that, due to its enormous potential for mainstreaming, underlies all other problems as a determining element in setting the levels of welfare, freedom and sustainability that affect an specific territory.
Humans inhabit, transform, and use the spaces they occupy like no other species has done in the history of the planet, thus, it can be argued that over - or at least next to - the natural ecosystems, humans introduce those that are more favorable for them, and this generates radical and sometimes irreparable changes on the original systems.