Christian Laforest

Professor of computer science. 
  • Computer scientist at LIMOS (French laboratory of computer science; associated with CNRS, UMR 6158).
  • Teacher at ISIMA (French graduate engineering school focused on computing and applications).
  • Professor at "Université Clermont Auvergne" . 

Campus universitaire des Cézeaux,
1, rue de la Chebarde,
TSA 60125, CS 60026,
    Phone: (+33/0) 4 73 40 74 41 
 Fax:     (+33/0) 4 73 40 76 39 
 Mail :    laforest AT

Research Activities 

My present research interests are around (but not limited to) the following topics: 

  • Graph algorithms and theory (mainly: vertex cover, independent dominating set, Steiner tree)
  • Discrete optimization
  • Approximation algorithms (Worst case analysis and Average case analysis)
  • Online algorithms (and adaptative algorithms)
  • Random algorithms
  • Multicriteria optimization/approximation
  • Distributed algorithms
I often use Maple to test my algorithms on graphs and to make calculations. 

Past (or secondary) interests/projects: 
  • Scheduling algorithms, Networks algorithms (among them optical networks)
  • Past projects (I mention my specific contributions in each project):
    • Multipoints (QoS in networks, funded by CNRS): Works on bi-criteria Steiner trees (weight and induced distances) 
    • AcTAM (QoS and pricing, funded by CNRS): Works on multi-criteria scheduling and shared costs in broadcast trees. 
    • ROM and ROM-EO (optical networks and QoS; 2 projects funded by RNRT, with industrial partners as Alcatel and France Télécom): Conception and study of Optical routing via Eulerian cycles in directed graphs.
    • ALGOL (optimization of algorithms to capture spacial pictures in satellites, funded by ACI masse de données): Algorithms and approximation results on the quality of the capture. 
    • Project TODO (funded by the French ANR): Time versus Optimization in Discrete Optimization.
    • Project SHAMAN (funded by the French ANR) : Self-organizing and Healing Architectures for Malicious and Adversarial Network


See this page (not always up to date).

PhD students (past and present):

Alexis Irlande          (1998->2002, with Jean-Claude Konig 50%) [Assistant professor in Colombia]
Christian Destré      (2001->2004, with Sandrine Vial 50%) [R&D project manager at Orange]
Fabien Baille           (2002 ->2005, with Evripidis Bampis 50%) 
Nicolas Thibault      (2003->2006, 100%) [Assistant professor at Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris, since 2009]
François Delbot       (2006->2009, 100%) [Assistant professor since 2011]
Romain Campigotto (2008->2011, 50% with Eric Angel) [Now working in a company (after a PostDoc at LIP6, Université P.&M. Curie, Paris)]
Raksmey Phan        (2010-> 2013..., 100%, now "ingénieur de recherches")
Benjamin Momège   (2011->...,2015) 50% with M. Kanté, regional funding from Auvergne and CNRS (now post doc))
Alexis Cornet           (2015->... 100%).

Each of them received a "bourse du ministère de la recherche", except Raksmey Phan (granted by TODO ANR project) and Benjamin Momège (granted from CNRS and Région Auvergne).