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The scam SEPA

What is SEPA?
It is a standard European interbank payment. The goal is simple for banks to administrative, savings and increase their profits at the expense of the consumer ..... of course. SEPA will enter into force on 1 August 2014 .... 1 August ? Curious ! while the européans are on vacation ... as always, for such a date, it reeks of scam.

Automatic debits

Let's face it, an automatic debit is already a huge abuse. In fact, when you authorize a debit, you don't permit fix amount, but you allow an amount ! This was done to avoid problem when the company you increase its price .... assuming that you accept this increase, this is written in conditions that you signed without looking good heard.
This means that any company may, when she wants, you take thousands of dollars and escape with the cash to live under the coconut trees.

It's like the fact of using a credit card number to make a purchase by mail or internet, we can not count the number of scams. Albeit with the possibility to make purchases on the Internet by using unique number, this scam is impossible .... only to those who use it! However, if you notice any levy due to improper purchase internet, you can get your money back .... at the expense of the merchant, because in the end he is the fall guy who has to pay for this open system without security at any crook.

Until now, there was a minimum security, ie your bank, to accept the levy should not only receive the request from the service provider, but you need to send directly your bank your permission. Without possession of TWO permissions, your bank could not authorize the taking.

Well, this is your direct permission is removed with SEPA. Now any company that knows your number SEPA may request a levy directly into your account. I leave you then imagine the traffic of numbers SEPA will wander on the internet!

On supplement, you will pay the transition to the new standard with a nice little profit for the bank.
De plus les banques en profiteront pour vous faire supporter le passage à cette nouvelle norme avec un beau petit bénéfice au passage.

Scenario possible with racketeering SEPA
So you make a maximum of money, you create a company in a tax haven, and then purchase a list of numbers SEPA to the underworld, send requests for disbursement directly to banks, take the maximum money before complaints, and spend beautiful days under the coconut trees.

And here's the map below ....
And now, seeing the heart of the problem, ie the fundamental reason for the creation of SEPA.
You know that medias, including television as so aptly demonstrated my friend David, undergo a staggering loss of audience and sales.
Well, it is the same for multinationals. And yes, my incessant calls to unsubscribe beginning to bear fruit, and people go into of their autonomy and thousands unsubscribing, jeopardizing the finances of multinationals. So, of course, the multinationals must find new ways of funding, even if need of plunge into  a scam.
As usual, I give you an example that you understand the real reason for the creation of SEPA.

 Consider the tax on rainwater. You have all heard of the famous tax proportional to the impervious surface (roof terrace ...) of your property on the pretext that multinationals can have to pay to treat all stormwater from these surfaces. Of course, nobody wants that awful racket.

This tax go directly into the pockets of multinational. The only problem is, this tax should be levied by the municipality. Needless to say that any municipality that dare introduce such a tax is kicked out in the next municipal elections.
So, since it is difficult to pay this tax by official means, what is the solution for the citizen give money ? And yes, you see me coming .... thanks to SEPA, multinationals will be able to take directly into your account a tax that an elected political national or European has voted,  elected political that the multinational has corrupt!

So you will be debited directly from your account, and you can not claim anything because it is a law and this all the more effectively the money has already been taken!
So we already knew the tax authorities and social services that could directly debit your account, but we also have your banker who served joyfully to his services, but you will need to also add the multinationals will be able to draw to their profit .
On more  the bank will debit your account for bail in case of bankruptcy (bail in).
While you, poor little citizen, you are told "niet" if you want to debit more than 500 euros in cash.
This means that any public or private institution has to take priority in your account!

From there, all scenarios are possible .....
For examples :
  • as I said, a multinational water you can pay a tax on rainwater because she should be treated,
  • for a multinational of the  food, you can pay a tax on the grounds that you have not bought all his stock and make you pay its unsold because you participate in the "food waste"
  • for a multinational motorway network you can pay a tax on the grounds that you always take the secondary road network, because given that there are more deaths on the roads than on motorways, you participate in road deaths,
  • for a multinational seed, you can pay a tax on your garden on the grounds that your vegetables can be fertilized by pollen transported by wind or bees from patented plants from nearby field
  • a credit society or worse a collection company or bailiff may force you the money directly into your account, even if they are guilty of wrong TEG or worst crime of usury!
  • etc etc etc
And you will notice that it is always for our health, our security, our economic balance, etc etc .... ha la la, these multinationals, these benefactors .....

Toutefois, dans leur grande mansuétude, les banquiers ont prévu un petit garde-fou sous forme de liste blanche et liste noire que VOUS devez gérer.
Dans la liste blanche vous indiquez la liste des établissements autorisés à prélever sur votre compte.
Dans la liste noire vous indiquez la liste des établissements dont vous interdisez le prélèvement.
Déjà, ce système de protection est totalement débile, car mis à part les établissements sur liste blanche, par définition, vous ne voulez pas que tous les autres prélèvent sur votre compte, donc à quoi sert la liste noire ????

 Attention, si vous ne donnez pas ces listes, votre banque est autorisée à accepter toutes les demandes de prélèvements automatiques !!!
De même pour tout établissement qui n'est ni dans la liste blanche ni dans la liste noire.

Mode d'emploi pratique
Comme à mon habitude, je ne me contente pas de crier au loup, je donne aussi les solutions pratiques, et les voici ....
Le mieux, je le dis et ne le répéterai jamais assez, c'est de ne pas avoir de prélèvement du tout. Si c'est votre cas, c'est très simple, allez voir votre banquier, réclamez lui le formulaire liste noire, et écrivez dessus "toute personne physique ou morale quel quelle soit".
Si vous avez déjà des prélèvements automatiques, allez voir votre banquier, réclamez lui un formulaire liste blanche et un formulaire liste noire. Sur le formulaire liste blanche rédigez la liste de tous les établissements autorisés à prélever sur votre compte, et sur la liste noire écrivez "Toute personne physique ou morale quel quelle soit et qui n'est pas sur la liste blanche".
Et si la banque ne vous fournit pas ces documents, rédigez-les sur papier libre en 2 exemplaires, un que vous gardez et l'autre que vous envoyez à votre banque en recommandé et accusé réception.

Bien entendu, votre banquier va vous répondre que dans la liste noire, vous devez indiquer précisément la liste de ceux que vous ne voulez pas qu'ils prélèvent. Et si vous mettez toute la liste des multinationales, il suffit à ces dernières de créer des filiales qui elles ne seront pas dans la liste noire, et ainsi de pouvoir quand même vous prélever.

Et je vous rappelle que vous avez jusqu'au 1er août pour le faire ... sinon tant pis pour vous !

ps : si vous êtes un européen originaire d'un autre pays que la France, je vous serais gré de traduire cette page et de la diffuser dans votre pays d'origine, car dans cette histoire, ce sont tous les citoyens européens qui sont concernés.