Parenting the Riot

A Work in Progress 

hi!  my name is christina, and this is my first attempt at a webpage.

i live about a half-hour northeast of atlanta, georgia, with my husband, dustin, and our sons, séan and keric.  we also have two cats.  our marriage is a polyamorous one. i have a boyfriend, andrew, while dustin has no other partners at this time.  i am black, and dustin is white.

for all practical purposes, our household is a non-theistic one, though we unabashedly and enthusiatically give gifts at christmas, eat easter dinner with dustin's family, and celebrate halloween.  more specifically, dustin is more of a weak atheist than anything else, while i lean more towards naturalistic pantheism.  my beliefs don't hamper my love of learning about religions, though.

politically, i used to vote libertarian every chance i could, until i realized that libertarianism is only as good as the least generous and civics-minded among us.  because i'm an optimist but also, ultimately, a pragmatist, i now vote as liberally and progressively as i can and hope for the best.  i'm a bra-burning feminist (but not my good nursing bra, please!), and am unapologetically pro-choice.  i'm theoretically in favor of the death penalty, but don't believe that capital punishment, as it's currently practiced, is fair or practical and so should be stopped.  i believe most drugs should be decriminalized and so should prostitution.

i love to read and research, and that has informed many of our decisions in running our household:

  • i prefer to use the sympto-thermal method for birth control.
  • séan was born at home, with just dustin in attendance. so was keric.
  • séan and keric were each breastfed for two years-- exclusively for the first six months or so.
  • neither kid was circumcised, but both have had vaccinations.
  • we used cloth diapers and elimination communication.
  • we co-slept and do not spank.  while we have a separate kid-bedroom that the boys share, we still have an open door policy that they will occasionally take advantage of to cuddle with mom and dad for some or all of a night.  not spanking was and is a challenge, because dustin and i both grew up in hitting households, but we are committed to non-violent discipline.
  • we homeschool.
  • we are omnivores, and subscribe to the weston price school of thought in food preparation.  we haven't experienced the astounding gains in good health that i've read about, but i do enjoy cooking and feel good about the more thoughtful and deliberate methods of cooking that price espouses.
  • one day, i will try my hand at micro-farming.

some people would say that i read too much.  oh, well.  currently, i'm grinding my way toward a bachelor's degree in clinical laboratory science. i want to learn your secrets, and i will get up close and personal with your effluvia in order to ferret them out.

i have a horror of poor grammar and spelling that's equal to the horror i have of using capital letters in informal writing on the internet.  i keep a dreamwidth journal which chronicles more of what i do, as opposed to this webpage, which will chronicle more of what i think.  and lastly, you can email me here.