1864-     The 1st Italian immigrant named Constante Rosasco arrives to North Adams, Massachusetts

·         He moves away a couple years later(no date recorded)

1871-     Constante Rosasco moves back with his family

1896-     Giovanni Rosasco joined the North Adams Police Department

1901-     May 25th Father Pillera preformed the 1st Italian marriage

1906-     July 2nd they dedicated the newly built church and preformed the 1st sermon

1910-     16% of the population in North Adams was Italians

1911-     Father Lattanzi bought a building next to St. Anthony’s Church as a building to teach students

1916-    Columbus day- 6 nuns came to teach Catechism and class at the school

1951-     Leonesio and other Italians started a campaign to gather money for another church