1st Italian Immigrant


                The first Italian immigrant that came to America, specifically North Adams, Massachusetts, was Constante Rosasco.  He began this journey in 1864, when he took a long voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.  When he first came to North Adams, he came alone.  He left his wife and son Giovanni over in Italy.  Once Constante settled in North Adams he wasted no time getting his life together.  He opened the first business owned by an Italian, which was a grocery store on Spring Street.  Once he was settled with a home and a well paying job he went back to Italy to get his wife and Giovanni.  They had returned in 1871 to North Adams.

                Constante and his son were well known by the Italian immigrants as well as many of the of the other immigrants.  The reason for this is because when the Italian immigrants came to North Adams many people came to them to get help with whatever they might have needed.   Most of the Italians had left Italy because the times were rough over there and considering their big families, they were not getting paid enough to support them.  So, they came over to America.  Many of the immigrants had heard that there was money on the streets ready to be raked up.

                The first generation of Italians to work for the North Adams Police force was Giovanni Rosasco.  He started off as a patrolman and worked his way up to Police Chief.  In order to solve disputes between town folks he would often hold court at his house in the evenings.  Some of his other jobs were teaching classes in American Citizenship.  Throughout the many years that the Rosasco family lived in North Adams their son Giovanni learned to speak English very well and was a tour guide for many of the Italian immigrants when they came to North Adams.

This picture was placed in the North Adams transcript on March 2, 1987. 

This picture is a picture of the Pugliese family in their backyard on Cornith St. in 1916.