International Conference on Documentation, Conservation and Reuse of Architectural Heritage 
"La Cultura del Restauro e della Valorizzazione. Temi e Problemi per un Percorso Internazionale di Conoscenza"
1st Event: Spain, 20, 21 & 22 of june of 2013. School of Architecture of Madrid. Polytechnic University of Madrid
2nd Event: Italy,  2014. 
Università degli Studi di Firenze. Dipartimento di Architettura


In this congress contributions should highlight the current state of the art from the point of view of preservation of architecture and historical settlements in international fields.

The main objective is to emphasize the themes of reuse and restoration of historical buildings and monumental centers from the following points of view:

1)    Criteria and method in time of crisis
The sharing of different perspectives and mechanisms that allow us to respond to situations "in crisis" and ensure the knowledge of our heritage.

2)    Engineering and Technich to the service of the Restoration
From new knowledge and techniques of consolidation linked to the comfort and even those related to energy to be adapted to the fundamental values ​​of heritage.

3)    Life in buildings and historic cities
New concepts and ideas are essential to promote and ensure the architectural and urban development within historic centers in the world today. 

4)    The experience of enjoyment: new uses of monuments
It is necessary to review how to reuse our monuments, putting in crisis, the compatibility of some applications on our Heritage: the problem of tourism

5)    Itineraries and Landscape in  Heritage
The sum of small elements which compose the historic centers give rise to Roads, Routes, Environments ... that must be protected to preserve the full value of our heritage and understand it in all its extension.