About Us

La Escuelita de Esperanza is an after-school arts and literacy program serving Proyecto Cristal, an impoverished urban community made up mostly of Nicaraguan immigrants in San José, Costa Rica.
The mission of the Escuelita is to provide a safe space in which the children of Proyecto Cristal can play, read, get help on their homework, and do art projects.  Each week, the Escuelita serves approximately 120 children between the ages of 2 and 12.  Volunteers from Costa Rica and abroad work with Marci, our program director, to facilitate programming for the children.
The Escuelita offers two sessions every weekday, opposite school times.  Children have access to the only library in their area, as well as educational toys and games.  By promoting education, the Escuelita hopes to help the children of Proyecto Cristal toward a better, more hopeful future.




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