A multifaceted, open-minded humanitarian that lives creatively as a: writer, photographer, humorist, artist, cyclist, demi-computer geek and fearless wanderer. She is a lifelong learner who continuously strives to expand her knowledge base, while working independently as a Photography Artist and Creative Consultant.

Teague is a results-driven, analytical thinker who subscribes to the abstract. Industrious and organized, she successfully balances the theoretical thought process with strategic administration; completing photography assignments, print and digital media projects with artistry, ingenuity, proficiency, perseverance, and limitless imagination.

Confidently she explores winding roads of questions while searching prolific avenues for answers. She is a valiant visionary who, in order to capture an entire scene, will travel to the edge of a precipice for a view everything.

Balancing hopeful positivity with a preparedness for adversity, she believes in the verity that every breath yields a chance and in almost every instance there is an opportunity to learn progress and create.

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