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Supplies Needed

Paint Shop Pro

Tube of your choice - I'm using the work of ©Ditz

Scrapkit About Girls FTU by © Digital Dreams Scraps

Open up a paper of your choice. I used

paper10. Shift D to duplicate and close out

the origial. Open up paper7 and paste as a

new layer over the paper. On blend mode in

your layer palette. I changed the blend to

Luminance Legacy.

Copy and paste your tube on the paper.Resize

to your liking. Open the Glitter Dust 2.

Copy & paste as a new layer. Place below

your tube. I resized this by 50%.

Open Doodle Daisies copy and paste as a new

layer. Place under your tube layer. See mine

for reference. Go to Image > Mirror.

Open up Butterfly 3 copy & paste as a new

layer. Place above your tube. See mine for


Put your name on it. Place to copyright info.
Merge all visible. Save as a Jpeg.