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This is my first tutorial so it really doesn't have a name.

Supplies Needed

An Image of your choice.

MPD_Pink Flamingo FTU Scrapkit - Mom Paradise Designs

I'm using PSP9 but, it will work in any version

Open up a paper of your choice. I used paper12. Also choose a frame I used BracketFrame2. Hit Shift and D to duplicate the frame, close out the orignal. Take your magic wand and click on the inside of the frame. Copy the image you chose and copy it. Open up a new raster layer. Go to Selection > Modify > Expand > Expand by 10. Then go to Edit > Paste > Paste into selection. Place the image under the frame. Layers > Merge > Merge visable. Go to edit and copy.

Now on the paper you selected go to Edit > Paste as new layer. I resized my image to make more room. Go to Image > Resize and use these settings if you want. Make sure Lock aspect ratio is checked. I used 70%.This part is optional I used paper13 and copied and pasted as a new layer under the frame. Go to blend mode and choose Luminance Legacy.

Now in the element folder I chose the GlitterFrame and copied and pasted as a new layer and placed in below my frame. I then copied and pasted the SequinsSpiral and placed it below my image.

I chose the MetalButterfly Pink and copied and pasted as a new layer.I resized it by 30% and placed it where I wanted it to go. Then I used the Raster Deform Tool and angled it to my liking. I did the same thing for the MetalButterflyWhite. Then again with the MetalButterflyBlack. Now merge all layers. I placed credit for the Scrapkit I used on my tag. Thats all hope you enjoyed the tutorial. You can add your name as well. Save as a Jpeg.
I would love to see what you come up with.