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Supplies Needed

Paint Shop Pro (I used 9)

Tube of your choice - I used ©Hellonlegs
you can download the tubes here

BC_Midnight Scrapkit FTU - © BeaCreations

Open up a paper of your choice. I used paper7.

Shift D to duplicate and close the original. Take your

tube copy & paste as a new layer. I resized

mine by 80% to make a little smaller. Open

up star3. Duplicate your tube layer. Place

the star over your tube. Whatever looks good

to you. Take the magic wand and click on the

outside of the star. Make sure you are on

your duplicated tube layer now and hit

delete. Resize it by 90%. Now duplicate this

and resize by 80%. Place under the bigger

one. Duplicate the lager star again and

resize 70% and place under the smaller star.

See mine for reference. Close out your paper

and your tube layer and merge all three

stars visiable. Now open back up the other

layers. On your star layer go to Image >


Open up the heart element. I resized this by

120% and copied and pasted as a new layer. I

put this under the tube layer. Open up

flower8 copy and paste as a new layer. Place

under your tube to make it look like she is

sitting on them. I duplicated this three

times and moved over slightly. See mine for

reference. Layer merge all visible. Resize

to your liking. Add your name and copyright

info save as a Jpeg.