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Supplies Needed

Paint Shop Pro

A tube of your choice- I'm using the art of

Scrapkit Fleurs FTU - ©Bel Vidotti Scraps

Open frame03 and go to Image > Rotate > Free

Rotate > 90 to the Right. Make sure All

layers and Rotate single layer around canvas

center is not checked.

Image > Resize > By 70% make sure all layers

is not checked.

Take your Magic Wand and click inside the

frame. Selections > Modify > Expand by 5

pixels. Now copy your tube. Add a new layer

to the frame image. Paste your tube into

selection. Place this layer below the frame


On the frame layer use your magic wand to

select inside the frame again. Do the same

modify selection that you did the first

time. Add a new raster layer. Now open up a

paper of your choice. I'm using Paper12.

Copy and paste into selection. That way our

picture will have a nice background. Layers

merge visible on your frame. Now copy your

image. Open another paper of choice. I am

using Paper10 this time. I resized it by 80%

and made sure all layers was checked this


Now Paste your frame image as a new layer on

this paper. See mine for reference. Open

butterfly02 copy and paste as a new layer.

Resized this by 50% (make sure all layers is

not checked) and place where you like.

Open up branchesflowers02 copy and paste as

a new layer. Resize it by 90%. Place this

layer below your frame layer. Move it up a

little and over to the left side. Now

duplicate this layer and go to Image >

Mirror. See mine for reference. Now close

out all layers except the two branch layers.

Merge all visible. Duplicate this merged

image. Go to Image and flip. See mine for


Now add your name. Also add the correct

copyright information to give the artist

credit for their hard work. Merge all

visible. Resize to your liking and save as a


Hope you like this one!
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