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Supplies Needed

Paint Shop Pro   

Tube of your choice - I'm using the art of Bez Boardman

Scrapkit Envious FTU - ScrapsbyJessica

Open up a new image 600x500. Pick a color from  your tube.

I used #125226 as the foreground color. I used black as

the background. Switch this to Gradient forground to

background.Style set as sunburst. Flood fill your image

with this color. I decided it was still a little too dark.

So I went to Adjust > Brighten and Contrast with B 50 C 0.

Open up E_ivy_JD. Copy and paste as a new layer. Duplicate

the ivy and go to Image > Rotate > Free Rotate > By 90

degrees to the right. Make sure All layers is not checked.

And rotate as a single layer around canvas is not checked.

Now open your tube copy and paste as a new layer in front

of the ivy. I resized mine by 80% twice. Only do this if

you feel yours needs to be resized.

Open up E_glitterdoodle1_JD. Copy and paste as a new

layer. Go to Image > Resize > by 60% All layers NOT

checked. Then do the same step this time resize by 80%.

Place in the lower left hand corner. Duplicate the doodle

and go to Image > Mirror. So there is now one in right

hand corner.

Open up the E_grames_JD. Resize by 60% copy and paste as a

new layer. Position in the top right corner. Take your

magic wand and click on the inside of the frame. Go to

selections > modify > expand by 5. On a new raster layer

copy and paste into selection a image or element from the

scrap kit of your choice. I chose the E_flower4_JD and

then went to Adjust > Brightness & Contrast > 50 C 0.

Repeat the magic wand for the other frames. Just make sure

to paste the element on a new raster layer.

Merge all layers. Put your name on it. Place the correct

copyright info. Save as a Jpeg.