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Supplies Needed

Flaming Pears - Solidify A

Scroll down till you see Free Plugins.

An Image of your choice. I used the artwork of ©Chester Ocampo

Scrapkit Be-Dazzeled FTU from - Pimp-Your_Tags

I'm using PSP9 but, it will work in any version

Open up a paper of your choice. I used pp04.Hit Shift and D to duplicate. Close out the original. Now open the metal-swirl-01. Image> resize > by 80%. Make sure all layers is not checked. Take the Magic Wand and make sure to get the whole swirl selected. Open another paper of your choice. I used pp03,
copy & paste as a new layer over the swirl.

Make sure the selection is inverted hit the delete button and deselect. Copy and paste the image you just made from the paper on your first paper (pp03).

Open a frame of your choice. I used Bracket-01. Do the same thing to this as you
did with the metal swirl. Paste the image you want to use into the frame after this is done. Then copy and paste on the first paper (pp3) as a new layer.

Open up the flower-07 copy & paste as a new layer. Duplicate flower-07 and place like I have it in my tag. I resized this by 40%.

Then take the flower-04 and do the same thing. I resized this one by 30%. Place on top of the white flower. I took flower-06 and resized it three times by 50%. I resized it again by 90%. Use my tag for reference of placement. I closed the background and merged all visiable. I duplicate this and on the original merged image I went to effects > Plugins > Flaming Pear > Solidify A.

Go to Adjust > Blur > Gaussian Blur > Radius 15.00.

I changed the Blend Mode of this layer to Luminance Legacy. Merge all

visible. I took the ruby-heart-charm, copied & pasted it as a new layer. I resized

by 40%. Make sure to delete a part of it to

make it look like its hanging there.
Merge all visible.
Save as a Jpeg.