Phaedra's Mod Diary 2009

Transparent, shiny bottles of wine.

Sunday, 3/8/09 - I'm back, but somewhat retired from the online community.  It became too much to be on everyday.  I have some health conditions that make daily life difficult, let alone being an active member of the Elder Scrolls/Fallout community.  These health conditions are migraines, depression, and post traumatic stress disorder.  The depression and PTSD cause me to "shut off" sometimes.  The migraines can get bad enough to keep me in bed or on rare occasions require emergency care.   Such is life.  Please don't feel sorry for me, just be understanding.   And if you think I am crazy, well, I don't give a rat!   Ha, ha!  Anyways, I have taken up modding again.  The creativity seems to help with the D/PTSD, somehow it is keeping me motivated and feeling good.
Modding Progress: Work has resumed on Oblivion Beverage Replacer and Oblivion Potion Replacer.  Currently texture mapping new bottles.  I finally got the transparency to work!

Thursday, 3/12/09 - Finished texture mapping bottles for Oblivion Beverage Replacer.  Currently experimenting with alpha property in NifSkope and adding collision.  The next step will be to add a variety of textures to make all of the beverages unique, then creating an esp to show the changes ingame.  Then on to Oblivion Potion Replacer.

Sunday, 3/15/09 - Progress on Oblivion Beverage Replacer: Meshes are mapped, alpha works, and collision added.
Next up: Creating unique textures for each beverage.

Wednesday, 3/18/09 - Forget this mostly retired non-sense.   If I disappear for a while, know that I will be back.   I just go through episodes.  The depression hits and I have to ride it out.  I will be online at ORE Forums so long as my health cooperates, but forum time elsewhere may be limited.  ORE is HOME.   I love you guys!

Monday, 3/23/09 - Progress report!   I have mastered transparency and shinyness in NifSkope.  Transparency test pictureShinyness test picture.

Monday, 3/30/09 - Tonight I made vomit and urine decals for Pell's Gate by ShezriePicture 1 & Picture 2.  Hooray for bodily functions!  Updated my Modding Diaries with fixed broken links and entries put in descending order.  Added Modding Requests web page.

Friday, 4/9/09 - Started adding Tutorials to the website.  Also currently working on guard armor for Pell's Gate by Shezrie.

Saturday, 4/10/09 - Updated My Favorite Elder Scrolls and Fallout 3 Links webpage.

Monday, 4/13/09 - Finished guard armor for Pell's Gate by Shezrie.  Here are some pictures: male armor 1, male armor 2, female armor 1, female armor 2, and icons.  And a little comic with my vampire, Ilaria is happy because she has found a snack.  Publicly released More Bodily Functions Resource.  Added missing resouce section to website.

Friday, 4/17/09 - Buddah has fixed my name at TES Nexus.   My mods are no longer listed under Ilaria, now they are listed under Phaedra13.   Thanks Buddah!
Skooma bottle is modeled, mapped, and collisioned.  Currently texturing all beverages from stock Oblivion.  DLC beverages will be later.

Thursday, 5/14/09 - Currently working on Smith & Wesson textures for Ogramirad's mod.  Nothing worth showing yet, but made some good progress last night.

Friday, 6/12/09 - A lot is going on in my life right now.  My Grandma passed away last weekend.  My family and my boyfriend are driving me nuts.  I am also in the middle of moving to a new apartment.  I will continue modding after the computer gets setup in the new place.

Tuesday, 6/16/09 - Please excuse the broken links on my site.  Google is in the process of migrating Google Pages over to Google Sites.   This is the cause of the broken links.   I will fix them after the migration is complete.  If you need download links feel free to email me. ;)

Thursday, 6/25/09 - My home computer is still not hooked up.  The new apartment is a mess of boxes and junk underneath which the computer desk is burried.  Here's hoping it will get hooked up by this weekend.  But this weekend is the Capitol Hill Pride Festival and the Seattle Pride Parade...  I will be attending some of the festivities.  How much is some?  I'm not sure. LOL.  Also this website has still not been transferred to Google Sites, so I can't update much anyway.

Tuesday, 6/30/09 - Website links are now fixed.  I found a work around. ;)

Thursday, 7/9/09 - Phaedra's Modding Diary will be continuing via blog.