Phaedra's Mod Diary 2008

Nazarius celebrating our first mesh created from scratch!

Sunday, 1/18/08 - I made my first mesh from scratch thanks to Vince's class at ORE.  He found a really easy 3D program called Wings 3D and is now teaching a handful of people how to use it to make new meshes.   He has also shown us how to clean our meshes in NifSkope, this is important if we want them to look good and work properly in game.  Happy times, learning something fun and useful.  Next we are supposed to move on to making a pitcher and how to use Wings 3D instead of NifSkope to add collision.
Vanilla Eyes 2.0 is getting close to release.   I just have to make the plugin, test, tweak, and take screenshots.   All the new textures are done.  What needs the testing is the new glow maps, I used a new technique that just popped into my head earlier today.   Hope it looks good!  Anyway, barring any stupid issues that may arrise, this should be the final release.  Then I can move on to some other ideas that I have had stewing for awhile.
I will also be uploading a very minor update to my Dremora Horns Resource (adds an example esp) and releasing my Hornless Dremora Hair.

Monday, 2/4/08 - Finally uploaded Vanilla Eyes Addon V2.0.  Also uploaded Hornless Dremora Hair and an update to Permanent Horns Resource.

Tuesday, 2/5/08 - Next project is COBLize Your Home.  This will be a series of house mods changed to use COBL.  See Wrye Musings for information on COBL.  Feel free to give you opinions at my COBLize Your Home topic at OREF.  When I have some serious work into this I will open a topic at the Official Forums as well.  Here are my thoughts and ideas on this project:

What homes to do first:
ORE member homes, since the folks have been very supportive and many have given permission directly or in their readmes.

Re permissions:
I am compiling a list of yes's and also a wishlist of permissions to ask.  Also checking a lot of readmes.

My philosophy:
Add some COBL stuff, otherwise keep the homes as close to the originals as possible.  Maybe some minor bug fixes if the original author can't be contacted.

Stuff I am considering adding:
*Alchemy sorting (can be used vanilla or OBSE, COBL autodects which)
*Grinders for mods with alchemy labs.
*Spell/Enchantment Alters to replace pre-existing alters in mods.
*Dinner Plate possibly linking to alchemy container or food cabinet (does nothing extra without a hunger mod enabled)
*The Luggage (a sort of universal storage container)
*Water barrels or wells where they fit in (does nothing extra unless a mod adds thirst)

One more possibility which I am still unsure of (I have 1 yes vote at ORE and 0 no votes):
I use Harvest Containers and hate when containers in player owned homes open, there is a cell reset problem due to the way Oblivion handles these.  Harvest Containers does not alter any containers with "PC" in the ID name so these containers in mods are fine.  Some stock containers, such as jewelry boxes, do not have "PC" versions.  While these don't respawn they are still affected by the cell reset problem.  I would like to replace these stock non-"PC" containers used in these mods with containers with a new ID, but not sure if this should be included in this project or kept for personal use.

Saturday, 2/9/08 - The first COBLized home is finished.  I won't say what it is, but it has been thoroughly tested and everything works exactly as it should.   Before bedtime edit: The second COBLized home is finished!

Monday, 2/18/08 - Four COBLized homes are complete.  The first one is Bond's SkyShip, he has asked that it only be uploaded to ORE so I will create an entry here that links to ORE when the file becomes available.  In the meantime, drool over SkyShip screenshots here.  The second is Jagnot's SI Bliss Aquaduct, originally an entry in the ORE Shivering Homes Challenge.  The release has been approved, but is pending info on where I can upload it.  Drool over Bliss Aquaduct screenshots here.  Two more homes are awaiting approval by their original modders.

Tuesday, 2/19/08 - The third COBLized home has been approved, Alchemist's Cave by Trollf.  It will be added to Trollf's Alchemist's Cave entries at TES Nexus and Planet Elderscrolls in the near future.   As before here is the Alchemist's Cave screenshot gallery.

Monday, 10/2/08 - Bottles, bottles everywhere, but not a drop to drink!
I am currently working on two mods.  A beverage replacer, started off with unique textures of Newheim's Special Brew and Rosethorn Mead.  But I was having some issues trying to texture them to look right, which brings me to the second mod WIPZ.  This mod is a potion replacer based off of Nollemaster's New Potion Bottle resource.  Here is a quickie potion picture that I whipped up.  Now I really like Nollemaster's Potion Bottle Resource and it got me to brainstorming some ideas.  Firstly I can model similar bottles for all of the beverages (about half done!)  Secondly, I can gussy up the potions a bit.
Progress is currently slow, I've had to put in overtime at work and my Grandmother is in the hospital.   Please bear with me.

Saturday, 10/11/08 - Update O-Rama...
Grandma is back home and doing allright.   What a relief.
Work is extraordinarilly busy so I have to work today.  Blah!
This website is undergoing some updates.  Finally creating the COBLize Your Home page. Also going to update the Mods and Links pages.
I am going to create a page with some info about myself.  Nope, no addresses and such, just some interesting stuff like hobbies, likes/dislikes, etc.
Created a Migraine page, I am tired of being silent.   I may have a silent disease, but that doesn't mean that I have to be.   There will be some great informational links provided very soon.