Phaedra's Mod Diary 2007

Nazarius riding P.M.H. near the Imperial City.

Thursday, 1/11/07 - Update on my progress (or lack thereof.)   This glowing eyes thing has turned into a major pain in the arse!   Oblivion's vampire eyes use the glowmap for whatever eyes the character had as a non-vampire.  The only way to make them glow is to choose glowing eyes when you create your character.  So zero progress on this front.  This is sad because my new vampire texture looks very nice lit up.
For the glowing Dunmer eyes I have had some progress.   Most of my experiments ended up looking too bright.  So I have darkened the glow map considerably to produce a more subtle glow.  Also I am trying to implement a suggestion from my boyfriend to improve the effect.  (He doesn't even play Elder Scrolls, but I'm making him help me mod!)   I am awaiting his response to some pics that I sent to him.

Monday, 1/29/07 - Vanilla Eyes Addon V1.3 will be uploaded tomorrow!   I have added a subtle glow to the Dunmer, Reanimate, and Black & Red eye types and a more noticable glow to the Dremora eyes, piccy.  Vampire eyes only glow if the eyes picked at character creation glow.  (This is an Oblivion flaw, nothing I can fix.)

Monday, 2/5/07 - I got to be a judge in the Oblivion's Real Estate Underwater House Challenge!  It was fun getting to see some new beautiful and innovative homes.  But it was very tough to vote on just one.  There were five entries, all outstanding.   You should check them out! Winner - Abecean Lighthouse by Intrepidacious, Aqvatika by Mindfeeder, Dank Dark Cave by Jagnot, Sousmarin Manor by Impaler, and Sunken Fortress by Lemunde.

Thursday, 5/17/07 - Fast forward a few months!  I have become a moderator at the Oblivion Real Estate Forums.  Me in a position of responsibility!  Actually it is a wonderful community and the members are very helpful if you need assistance solving a problem.   Very easy to moderate for.   I was also a judge (no more judging after becoming moderator!) in the last two ORE contests: Hovering Homes and Shivering Isles.  Check 'em out, these are some cool houses.   Hovering Homes: Co-winner - Eye of Nirn by CrazyDave, Co-winner - Starship Orion by Bond, Floating Rock by Larrythek, Fort Tempest by by Lemunde, and Wizards Eye by Lord Me. Shivering Isles: Winner - Snow Globe by Kalikut, Glimmertop Tower by Jagnot, Mania House by Smokindan, and Mushroom Top House by White Wizard.

Monday, 7/16/07 - This may be my last update here at Geocities.  If I can find the time I will be recreating my site at GooglePages.  Thanks Speckleguar!
Oblivion's Real Estate just announced winners for the Open Homes contest.  Unfortunately, I am not allowed to judge because I am now a staff member.   Though, I did get to see them early to write descriptions for ORE.  Winner unmodded - Silorn Manor by PrincessStomper, Winner modded - Weather Tower by Invader, Sunset Island by LuckyLewis, Bliss Aqueduct House by Jagnot, Cinderella Craft by Feek, and Unfathomed Tower by Trollf.  Congrats to the winners and all of the contestants on a job well done!
My mod progress report: I have updated Vanilla Eyes Addon to version 1.4.  Just a minor update, there were a couple missing glowmaps.  Work continues on the next version 2.0.  I will be adding different color variations of AlienSlof's dremora eyes as well as some khajiit eyes based on them.   As suggested at the ORE forums, version 2.0 will include a full set of alternate glowing versions and there will be two separate downloads.   One for vanilla Oblivion users and one requiring Shivering Isles.  I've also been learning quite a bit about Photoshop while working on my dremora, Valdis' skins.  One last mod item for today, I am currently tossing around another super secret mod idea.  I can't say what it is yet and people will probably laugh at me when I am done, but I don't care.  LOL!

Thursday, 8/2/07 - My Oblivion Mods page has been updated with a new resource.  We now have conformulated horns that can be used in a face slot.  Why use a face slot?   Normally when you wear a helmet, wig, hood, etc. your character loses their hair including horns.  It is now possible to avoid losing your horns.  The first thing you need is Scanti's Merged Teeth, using this will open up some of the face slots.  Then you can assign your horns and to any of the newly opened slots.  Don't forget to change to a hairstyle that doesn't have horns attached, you might get some funny results if you don't.

Tuesday, 8/14/07 - Permanent Horns Resouce was mentioned on the Bethesda Blog!!!  What a great surprise!  Construction has begun on my Google Pages, soon everything on my Geocities will transfer over to there.  I will post a link when it is done.
I have also begun to learn how to model.  A big thanks to the Blender tutorial Noob to Pro.   It is very easy to understand and has a lot of pictures.   Another big thanks goes to Scanti's Conformulator.  With Blender and the Conformulator I have been able to separate the horns and hair for each of the dremora hairstyles.   The horns can be downloaded from my Oblivion mods page.  The hairs are still not quite done.  I have them working ingame, conformulated and colorable.  The only thing left is to create the hairmorphs so that the length can be changed in facegen.  Guess I have to learn some more to figure that out.

Thursday, 8/16/07 - Construction continues on Google Pages, still not quite ready.  My Morrowind mods have be updated/added to Planet Elderscrolls and TES Source, this way they will get more exposure.

Friday, 9/7/07 - I hope everyone is liking the new site here at Google Pages, I know I am.  Much easier to update and more bandwidth.  Oblivion's Real Estate is hosting a new challenge, this time its villages.  In other news, TES Source has now become TES Database.  Don't forget to update your links!   Hmm... not much else at the moment.  Just playing Oblivion and Atelier Iris 3 (PS2), beta-testing some homes, and working on a secret project.  Oh, and starting a new job!  I like my new job.

Saturday, 9/29/07 - Updated all the links on my website, again. TES Database has officially changed to TES Nexus.

Friday, 11/2/07 - News flash!   ORE is hosting a MORE homes challenge.  The object of this challenge is to create homes utilizing resources from MORE.   Also if you are an ORE member, check your email for the November newsletter.   If you are not a member, sign up for an account and be sure to allow emails in your profile.  It is the only email we send out anyway so no worries about spam.
Now that I am settled into the new job, I have finally got some progress on Vanilla Eyes Addon V2.0.  There are 16 new eye colors for Khajiit, in both vanilla style and Slof's dremora style.  (Remind me to get some new screenshots later.)  I am also considering a separate khajiit eye replacer with Slof's dremora style (yellow or orange) for people who like cats with slitted pupils.  Also planning to do some new eye colors for argonians and orcs because it just doesn't feel right not giving the beast races some love.  Humans and elves get all the fun.  Don't worry there will be new eyes for all the races in this version.
Also on the to do list: some special retextures on tents and bed rolls (why are they all nasty anyway?), my bedroom in the ORE Guild's mages guild (time to stop slacking), and a super secret fun mod that I have hinted at before inspired one of the ORE Forum members.
We will see how much time I can spend modding.   So much time spent moderating and socializing at the ORE Forums and now creating the newsletter, plus the new job has a longer commute equals less time to play and mod.  Oh, well, its worth it anyway, but I feel guilty.  I want to give back to the Elder Scrolls modding community since it has given me so much enjoyment in Oblivion and Morrowind.

Sunday, 11/18/07 - Started working on some retexturing projects for a couple of my forum friends.   The first project is LuckyLewis's Snow Islands for which I am making some signs and plaques for.  From which I have decided to create a blank signs resource and possibly a sign replacer to supplement Mikal's beautiful, but incomplete sign pack.  The second project is for Lunareaper's Blood Raven Village.   I made this tapestry for him.
Work has restarted on the OREG Mage's Guild with Jagnot, Jnor, and myself.  The guild will have an ayleid theme.   Currently, Jagnot is working on the ground floor, Jnor is working on the basement, and I am working on the living quarters on the third floor.  I have just started my bedroom, when finished I will pass the file on to guild mates so they can complete their bedrooms.  There will also be a lounge/study on the second level.

Tuesday, 11/20/07 - Finished the signs for the zoo and aquarium for LuckyLewis.   I have also retextured a necklace for Shezrie's Woodland Village.  Screenshots of the necklace in NifSkope and ingame.  Looks like someone has been bit by the texturing bug.

Sunday, 12/23/07 - The ORE community came together to create a Christmas Mod.  My part was getting the ridable reindeer to function and cleaning/packing/uploading.   Here are some pictures: exterior, interior, brown deer, white deer, and the deer stable. Download the mod.
Vanilla Eyes 2.0 is nearing completion, this should be the final version.  Currently there are 7 new dremora eyes (which will be added to all human/elf races) and 16 new khajiit eyes.   Work begins on Argonian eye and Orc eyes once these are done the plain Oblivion version will be made available.  After that a Shivering Isles version will be made with new eyes based off of the Golden Saints and Dark Seducers.  Late night update, argonians are done!!!
I also did some plaques, another sign.