Modding Tutorials

Setting up a "vampire victim" in the Construction Set.

Modding Tutorials

Created with Oblivion in mind, but some info will carry over to other games.

Guide to Backing Up Your Mods by Phaedra - This guide tells how to save your mods from being lost due to hard drive failure, websites closing down, etc.

Creating a Sleeping Vampire Victim by Phaedra - This tutorial covers how to create an eternally sleeping victim for vampires to feed on, as seen in the DLC Vile Lair.

House Modder's Tool Kit Explained by Phaedra - This tutorial is a further explaination of how to use HTMK by Vince Bly.

Creating Normal Maps with Alphas in Photoshop by Phaedra - This tutorial covers creation of basic normal maps with alpha channels.

Advanced Normal Maps by Phitt - This tutorial goes beyond what I have outlined in Creating Normal Maps with Alphas in Photoshop. If you have read that tutorial and want to go to the next level, then read on.