Waterfall Ridge Campsite

A nice, peaceful place to camp.

Waterfall Ridge Campsite V1.0

A campsite with a beautiful view.  It has all the basic necessities for a place to live and plenty of storage.  You can fish for salmon in the river and cook them over the fire.  It really is a convenient little spot!

Main Area
Overview of entire camp
Another view of entire camp
View from top of waterfall
Bedroll give Rested Bonus

Download Links:
Download @ Skyrim Nexus
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Downstream from Riverwood at the top of the waterfall overlooking Whiterun in the distance.
(Exact cell: Wilderness 7,-9)


Fast Travel:
Yes, but you must enable the map marker first.

Basic Mod Features:
* Bedroll
* Fire pit
* A chair by the fire
* Basic meal: a meat, bread, a veggie, and a beverage served on cheap dishware. (Respawning)
* Useful items: a minor restore health potion, 2 gold pieces, and 1 lockpick.  (Non-respawning)
* All containers and items ownership set to Player.  Bedroll and chair ownership set to PlayerFaction.
* A stunning view!

Containers (empty & non-respawning):
* Pot
* Satchel
* Knapsack
* Chest
* Barrel x 3
* Strong box x 2

Bonus Mod Features:
* Fast travel marker
* Cooking pot
* Bedroll grants Rested Bonus: All skills improve 5% faster for 8 hours.

+   +   +   +   +   +   +   +

Not added by my mod, but I think are bonuses to the surrounding area...
Amenities already ingame:
* Town of Riverwood
    ~ tavern/inn
    ~ general merchant
    ~ blacksmith merchant
    ~ cooking pots
    ~ wood chopping
    ~ full smithy: tanning, smelting, grinding, smithing
    ~ farms
    ~ quests
* salmon in the river
* animals for hunting
* at least one iron ore deposit
* various alchemy ingredients

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
-Also recommended: allow Steam to update Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with the latest patch.

*Campsite created by Phaedra.

Utilities used:
Creation Kit

Special thanks to:
Shezrie for helping pick a name.  I had a few ideas, but couldn't decide.

Everyone at the SKYRE Forums for your helpfulness, support, chit-chat, and the mods!

Obsidian & Bethesda for creating such a great and involving game, and for the ability for us players to modify it as we see fit.