WIPz - Crafting Enjoyment Overhaul

Are you hungry?  Lets get cooking!

WIPz - Crafting Enjoyment Overhaul
Changes and additions to crafting. I am starting with food, including a new craft: milling, new recipes, new food items, and retextures of certain food items. Future plans to include on all crafting systems. For discussion and my thoughts while modding CEO, please visit my blog.


10/8/12 - Posted Hearthfire conflicts and my plans on
my blog.

C.E.O. - Foods & Beverages:

All content is subject to change.


Mortar & Pestle Menu

Butter Churn Menu

Grain Mill Menu

Cooking Pot Retexture

Cooking Menu - Part 1

Cooking Menu - Part 2

Cooking Menu - Part 3

New & Retextured Item List - Part 1

New & Retextured Item List - Part 2

New Food: Apple Pie

New Food: Roast Dog Ribs

New Food: Raw Slaughterfish

New Ingredient: Amethyst Shards

New Drinks: Milk, Cream, & Buttermilk

Testing Cow inside CEO Testinghall

Completed so far:

New crafts:
1 New Milling recipes for use at Grain Mills:
    Wheat Flour
1 New Butter Churn recipe for use at Butter Churn:
    Butter Recipe
8 New Grinding recipes for use at Mortar & Pestles:
    Bone Meal Recipe
    Powdered Mammoth Tusk Recipe
    Amethyst Shards Recipe
    Diamond Shards Recipe
    Emerald Shards Recipe
    Garnet Shards Recipe
    Ruby Shards Recipe
    Sapphire Shards Recipe

New alchemy ingredients:

Wheat Flour
Amethyst Shards
Diamond Shards
Emerald Shards
Garnet Shards
Ruby Shards
Sapphire Shards

New food items:

1 Raw foods:
    Raw Slaughterfish
6 Cooked foods:
    Apple Pie (Item originally named Apple Pie was renamed Meat Pie by USKP)
    Butter (Remodel?)
    Clam Chowder (red)
    Clam Chowder (white)
    Steamed Clam
    Roast Dog Ribs
3 Drinks:

New Cooking recipes:

14 Cooking recipes for existing foods that previously could not be made by the player:
    Baked Potato Recipe
    Boiled Cream Treat Recipe
    Bread (01) Recipe
    Bread (02) Recipe
    Cabbage Soup Recipe
    Charred Skeever Meat Recipe
    Grilled Leaks Recipe
    Honey Recipe
    Honey Nut Treat Recipe
    Long Taffy Treat Recipe
    Meat Pie Recipe (Item originally named Apple Pie was renamed Meat Pie by USKP)
    Seared Slaughter Fish Recipe
    Spiced Beef Recipe
    Sweet Roll Recipe
5 Cooking recipes for new foods:
    Apple Pie Recipe
(Item originally named Apple Pie was renamed Meat Pie by USKP)
    Clam Chowder (red) Recipe
    Clam Chowder (white) Recipe
    Roast Dog Ribs Recipe
    Steamed Clam Recipe

Retextures of existing items:
I'm only doing foods that share the same textures with other foods, basically I want to show off the variety that Skyrim already has. Some/all of the soup and stew retextures conflict with Hearthfire.
11 Foods:
    Apple Cabbage Stew
    Beef Stew
    Cabbage Potato Soup
    Cabbage Soup
    Elsweyr Fondue
    Horker Stew
    Marriage Meal
    Spiced Beef
    Tomato Soup
    Vegetable Soup
    Venison Stew
1 Ingredients:
    Powdered Mammoth Tusk
3 Cooking Pots (stew)
    Small No Handle

New cell:

CEO Testinghall (~COC PhCEOTestinghall) - a place for me to test all new content and take screenshots.

Currently working on:

Cooking recipes:
    ~Done for now!
Mortar & Pestle recipes:
    Powdered Horker Tusk Recipe
    Troll Bonemeal Recipe
    Sawdust Recipe


New foods:
    Water (Also create new model.)
    Hard boiled Eggs
Existing foods (retexture):
    ~Done for now!
New ingredients:
    Powdered Horker Tusk
    Troll Bonemeal
    Powdered Charcoal
    Metal Filings

New crafts:

Brewing - statics to use: meadbarrel01 & meaderybrewer01.
Water Harvesting at at pre-existing wells, possibly add fountains too.

New scripts:

Cow milking ~ add to all existing farm cows.
Butter churn

In game modifications:

Place Butter Churn at farms that have cows.
Place Mortar & Pestle at alchemist shops or with mages that practice alchemy.


Cooking morbid ingredients?
Food effect changes? Balance?
Add staples to vendor list?
Create my own bowl textures? (Gem shard bowls are done.)
Another resource I want to use: Modder's Resource Pack by Oaristys & Tony67.

Future Plans:

Various changes to existing craft systems, recipes, etc. New stuff: pay certain merchants to recharge enchanted weapons, fletching, make torches, make cloth/clothing, etc. DLC Dawnguard apparently adds the ability to make arrows using Firewood and the appropriate metal ingot. Not sure if I should improve on Dawnguard's system or create my own 'vanilla' version or do both options for users to decide.