Guild Benefits

a WIPz Mod for Oblivion

The Arch-Mage's Laboratory, part of the expanded Arch-Mage's suite.

WIPz: Guild Benefits

Normally I would not bother creating a webpage for a Work In Progress, but this mod is getting big. It needed a place to showcase current information, screenshots, and ideas. Sometimes I post news snippets on my blog.

What this mod is about:
The purpose of this mod is to provide more benefit to joining the guilds aside from doing quests and getting quest rewards.  In Morrowind, Mages' and Fighters' Guilds had supply chests containing useful supplies.  Jagnot added those to Oblivion in his mod, Guild Chests, which served as inspiration for Guild Benefits.  I wanted further benefit encompassing more guilds, including places to sleep and safely store your items, and provide better rewards for becoming the guild master.  The idea for Guild Benefits struck me and so I began with the Mages' Guild...

What benefits will be included:
A supply chest - respawning chest containing useful items that vary depending on which guild and your characters level.
A bedroom - your own bed, a chest for storage, and buyable upgrades.
Buyable upgrades - these work like the house upgrades, you can buy: more storage, decorations, kitchen items, a desk w/ items for study (Mages), etc.
A central Laboratory - available to all guild members regardless of rank.  Will include things like a static alchemy set, an alchemy sorter, etc.
Guild master benefits - Revamped Arch-Mage's Quarters (bedroom), plus the Arch-Mage's Laboratory, Library, Dining Hall, and Guests' Quarters.
Hannibal Traven's Grave - A memorial dedicated to the old Arch-Mage for his sacrifice for the Guild.  Will likely grant a temporary bonus when activated.

Mod support and compatibility:
Unofficial Oblivion Patch - GB will be compatible with UOP.  I will do my best to ensure any changes to Oblivion made by UOP will carry over in GB.  A few small things that I can't carry over (such as shop ownership changes) will require Wrye Bash if you wish to see these UOP features.
Dousing the Flames - GB will be compatible with DTF.  GB will contain similar functionality as DTF for your new bedroom only.  Highly recommended to play DTF with GB.
Bruma Mages Guild Restored - GB will have an optional patch for compatibility with BMGR.
Companion Friendly (Emma's topic on the subject) - GB will be companion friendly meaning your companions will be able to sleep in GB added beds and sit in GB add chairs.  All new areas added by GB will be fully path-gridded so companions can easily traverse these areas.
Body mods - Clothing will have optional patches for most popular body mods.
Shadowy Hoods - An optional patch with shadowy hoods will be provided as well.
??? - Guild Benefits will come with an option to use COBL.  The COBL version of GB will include stuff like the dinner plate, drinking water, ingredient sorters, grinder, the Luggage, etc.

Completed so far:
Supply chests with leveled lists.
Body mod compatibility meshes for clothing.
Shadowy Hoods compatibility patch.

All guild hall bedrooms.
IC: Arcane University's Mages' Quarters bedroom
Bruma room
's quest triggered flames turn off/on at appropriate times.
Purchasable upgrades for the bedrooms.
The central Guild Laboratory.
The Arch-Mage's Laboratory.
The Arch-Mage's Dining Hall.  (I might add a bartender, haven't decided.)
The Arch-Mage's Quarters.

Currently working on:
Arch-Mage's Library is a place for the Arch-Mage to study in peace, it will have lots of bookshelves, display cases, and a desk to work at.

Arch-Mage's Teleport Room - the central hub of the Arch-Mage's Tower with teleport pads to each room in the tower.  Will connect to each new room as they are created.  Decoration planning still in progress.

Companion Friendliness - Pathgridding, non-owned furniture, and testing to make sure it all works.  This will progress as each area is built.

To Do:
Arch-Mage's Benefits (Only listing here unfinished parts.):

* The Council Chambers - changing and adding  decor.  Fix anything that needs fixing.  Maybe a few new storage containers.  Tweak pathgrid if it needs it.
* Guest Quarters for your companions.
* Possible other "benefits": bar tender for the Dining Hall, a new enchanted staff...

Hannibal Traven's Grave -
His tombstone will be likely placed in the alchemy garden inside the Arcane University.  There will be a bonus to activating his tombstone, similar to wayshrines and Ayleid Wells, possibly shield or absorb magicka.  Still in planning.

Not Yet Started:

* Create bsa file for easy install/unistall.
* Compatablity esp for Bruma Mages' Guild Restored.
* COBL version.  Note to self: What is going on with COBL?
* Other guilds.  Might run out of time before Skyrim is released...

Please note these are WIPz screenshots and things may change before the final release.  New screenshots will be taken once the mod is finalized.

Welcome letter from Raminus Polus explains member benefits.
Contents of MG Supply Chest at level 32
- contents will depend on your level.
Mage Outfits - sets of robes, shoes, hood/hat are part of the leveled contents of the supply chest.  Polanirya at Divine Elegance will sell all outfits and enchanted robes once you become a Mages' Guild Member.
Matching Shoes - close up of the shoes.
Gold Outfit - for the Arch-Mage.
Anvil Mages' Guild - new basement bedroom in Anvil MG.
Bravil Mages' Guild - your room in Bravil MG is in the basement sectioned off with dividers.
Bruma Mages' Guild - new bedroom in Bruma MG.  You can use it before and after Arch Mage Traven's quest to check on the guild.
Bruma Mages' Guild on fire - the fires will put out automatically after reporting back to Arch Mage Traven.  You will not lose any of your stuff and upgrades are still available for purchase.
Cheydinhal Mages' Guild - new bedroom in the Cheydinhal MG basement.
Chorrol Mages' Guild - new bedroom in the Chorrol MG basement.
Leyawiin Mages' Guild - new 3rd floor bedroom in Leyawiin MG.
Skingrad Mages' Guild - new bedroom in the Skingrad MG basement.
Imperial City: Arcane University: Mages' Quarters - the Mages' Quarters at the Arcane University are full, so they expanded to the sewer.  Don't worry it is magically clean and sanitized for your use.
Imperial City: Arcane University: Guild Laboratory - Pic 1, Pic 2 , Pic 3 - a lab accessable by all members of the Mages Guild.  Access is via teleport pad in the Arch Mage's Lobby.
Arch-Mage's Laboratory - Pic1, Pic2, Pic3 - a lab for the Arch-Mage.  Your bonus is a static Master Alchemy Set and a mini Ayleid Well.
Arch-Mages Dining Hall - Pic1, Pic2, Pic3, & Pic4.  Ayleid themed tables colored for each school of magic, two banquet tables of foods and desserts, and a bar with wines and cheeses.
Arch-Mage's Quarters - Pic1 & Pic2.  Redecorated and storage containers added.  Also added a teleporter to the Teleport Room.
Map of Kvatch that I made to go in the Arch-Mage's Library with the rest of Meo's City Maps.

Resources and credits:
Without the many excellent resources and helpful people this mod would not have been realized. 
Any permissions required will be obtained and all will be credited in the readme upon release.  For now I'd like to thank Bond, Aisis, Meo, DarkRider and many others who have offered advice and/or resources used in this mod.  Thanks!

Any resources made by me for this mod are free use.  You will be able to use or modify my creations as you wish, no permissions needed, with credits in your readme.  So far there are paintings, rugs, tapestries, and clutter items.