Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mods

Snowfalling outside the Bruma Chapel.

Oblivion Mods

Clear Dunmer Eyes - This is a simple retexture removing the bloodshot look of dark elf eyes.
COBLize Your Home - A series of homes created by other modders that I have COBLized. Creating compatibility with COBL hunger and thirst mods and adding alchemy sorters, The Luggage, etc.
Espless Book Replacer - An espless book replacer and an optional patch for Better Book Collision.
Espless Slof's Horse Replacer - An espless horse replacer using Slof's Oblivion Horses.
Flower Patch - A simple fix removing the green stuff from the edge of the flower petals on the boquets and planters.

Prisoner's Campsite - A small campsite that is great for escaped prison convicts.
Vampire Eyes Replacer - This is a simple retexture making the albino vampire eyes a dark red.
Vanilla Eyes Addon - Adds new eyes to all playable races.

WIPz Oblivion Mods
Guild Benefits - A work-in-progress mod, adds more benefits to being a member of a guild.

Oblivion Modder's Resources
Flower Resource Pack 1 - Includes 58 new flower boquets and planters.
Flower Resource Pack 2 - Includes 8 new flower boquets and 24 new planters.

Hornless Dremora Hair - This creates new hairstyles by removing the horns from the three dremora hairstyles.
More Bodily Functions Resource - New decals of vomit and urine puddles for your mods.
Permanent Horns Resource - Dremora horns minus the hair. Can be added to any race via any face slot.
Phaedra's Painting Resource Pack - Includes 40 new paintings made from screenshots.

Other Oblivion Mod Projects
Group Projects - Community mods I have contributed to.
Modding Requests - Various projects I have done by request for friend's mods.