Phaedra's Characters


One of my Elder Scrolls Online BETA characters.  She's a dunmer nightblade in the Ebonheart Pact.

Aurelius Alexander

My other Elder Scrolls BETA character.  He's an Imperial dragonknight in the Daggerfall Covenant.

My Morrowind character, and namesake. She was my first truly evil character ever in any game. She started her life as an Altmer. She got into trouble with the law on the mainland and was shipped off to Vardenfell. Once there, she was eventually informed that she was to pursue the Neravarine Prophesies. On her way to becoming the Nerevarine she magically changed her race to Dunmer to fool the natives into accepting her. She also became Archmagister of house Telvanni, and strictly followed the house's rules. Do whatever you want, but don't get caught! In addition to being a skilled mage, she was a murderer, a thief, and a pervert. She hit on whoever she found attractive, and sometimes that attractivness saved their life! There were a few people she did not kill out of respect, even considered them friends. Divayth Fyr and Master Aryon were among these. She was a blast to play. Unfortunatly, I do not have a save game for her. Maybe I will revive her in the future.


One of my Oblivion characters. He is a dremora, quite a handsome one who is always smiling. For some reason he woke up in the Imperial City's Prison. How the heck does a dremora end up in prison?! So far he is quite unsure what to do about this whole "deliver the amulet" deal. He doesn't really want anything to do with it. Though against all his rational thought, he feels compelled to do as he was told. Darn the gods and their meddling! He is a bit mischevious and a more than little crazy. One of his favorite pastimes is dressing up in the most outrageous getup he can find, and then goes dancing and hollering in front of the Bravil Skooma Shack. He finds mortal women intriguing, but dislikes mortal men (except for maybe Naz.) I have updated Valdis's appearance thanks to Alienslof's Dremora Skin Resource. He now has blue tattoos and gorgeous, glowing blue eyes!

Another Oblivion character. Nazarius is a young Altmer. He is very tall for his race and somewhat slender. Naz is a student of necromancy and a member of the Dark Brotherhood. Naz loves grumpy people (like Owyn at the Arena), they make him smile. He also loves horses, plants (especially flowers), and dead things. He hates the Imperial Guards. He also hates it when it rains or when he runs out of magicka. His favorite activities are swimming nude on sunny days, watching butterflies, and killing random civillians traveling through Cyrodiil. Naz has a rather unique friend, Amozabael the dremora, and with his help earned a home in Dagon's Deadlands. Together they like to ride a couple of nightmares throughout Cyrodiil and terrorize the citizens.  Recently another companion has joined the two friends, a lovely nord named Vilja.  She's very sweet and very pretty.  Nazzy has a crush on her, but refuses to say anything.  He tries to be on his best behavior in her presence.  Amoz finds Naz's lovestruck idiocy to be quite amusing!

My Fallout 3 character. Hero and self proclaimed President of Post-Apocolyptia. She's a do gooder, but is a bit full of herself. She is confident and likes beating raiders with a lead pipe. She helps people in need, while putting herself in all manner of danger.