~ Elegant Styles of Mystery & Sophistication ~




Why wear your beautiful long hair back or up?  

To keep it safe, to minimize tangling, to keep cool. 

To keep it out of your eyes for work or gym, 
away from machinery.  

To protect it from wind or sun, 
children, pets, foliage or trees.  

To keep its true nature hidden.   

To enjoy the endless variety of  long hair styles ~

    perky and fun; beautiful and mysterious; 

                             sophisticated and elegant.

Pony Tail

    Bali Booty Celtic Hair Slide in Sono Wood           France Luxe Couture Volume Barrette in Mojave                 




Figure 8 Bun


                Maiden's Treasures Hairstyx                       Hair Treasures by Dee              

     Gilded Gold Vintage Swarovski Topaz Crystal Hairsticks                     Blue Heart Swarovski Crystals                                                              


Glass Beaded Princess Tiara with Dangles, Large 



  Cinnamon Bun

Maiden's Treasures Hairstyx

Southwest Summer                        Amazon Garden



                        Antique Silver w/Turquoise                Jean Maximas Large                          

 Cinnamon Bun                  Infinity Bun   

 Gold Glimmer               Handmade Hair Sticks             Arabian Nights



           3-prong fork in pink ivory        




                                Braided Gibson Girl             Crown Braid


     Braided Bun


French Twists

Horizon Twist

Vintage Leather & Black Cabochon Hair Slide here


                                                                            Ficcare Maximas in Primavera Tortoise 

                                     Maximas Border Jade        Maximas Primavera Tortoise      Maximas Border Burgundy

                                                                            France Luxe Marie French Twist Comb in Tokyo

 French Pony

                                                                    Fakkare Beak Antique Silver with pink crystals



 Half Up

                                                                                  Ficcare Medium Beak in Bamboo





 Inspiring Lovely Long Hair for Women of All Ages