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Everyone's vitamin shelf is a little different, isn't it?  Here's mine.  I am not loyal to any particular brand, but I buy capsules whenever possible (easier to swallow).  I take them with milk to speed absorption.  These provide the perfect balance for me.


One Source Hair, Skin & Nails                                                         [ multivitamin ]
Evening Primrose Oil                       [ female cycle/hormonal balance/osteoporosis ]
Flax Seed Oil                                                              [ joint support/hair strength ]
Glucosamine Chondroitin                   [ joint support/flexibility, blood sugar stabilizer ]
Ginseng                                                                                    [ energy & vitality ]
Gingko biloba                                                                 [ alertness/mental acuity ]
Black Cohosh                                   [ female cycle/hot flashes, hormonal balance ]
Red Raspberry Leaf                                               [ energy, female cycle support ]
StressTabs (B complex)                                                                         [ stress ]
Vitamin C bioflavonoids                                                            [ immune support ]
CoQ10                                                                 [ antioxidant, immune support ]
Horsetail                                                                      [ hair strength, thickness ]
Calcium                                                                 [ osteoporosis, bone strength ]
Estroven                                                                           [ menopause support ]
Emer' gen-C                                               [ vitamin C + glucosamine/chondroitin ] 


I believe the best practices to improve wellness are to eat fairly well (especially protein, fruits and vegetables), drink about 2 liters of water every day, have a regular exercise schedule (cardio & resistance), and get plenty of rest.  But I know there are days when the demands of my schedule do not allow me to take the best care of my health. 

I'm in my 40's and I value my age and treasure the life experience and knowledge I have gained.  But  physical challenges arise with age.  I have a family history of diabetes and osteoporosis, and live in the area that has an unusually high number of breast cancer cases per capita; it's also a big city with pollution and stress.  


The vitamin, mineral, and herb regimen I use is balanced to address my genetic predispostion as well as the stress and nutritional deficiencies inherent to my age, environment, and lifestyle.  I prepare each daily dosage in advance (see weekly pill containers above on left) to streamline my morning intake.

I take several multiple-ingredient supplements, so I enter each ingredient on a spreadsheet and check the totals to ensure I am not overloading on anything (especially the fat-soluble vitamins, A, D, E, & K).  I take selenium for anti-aging (in Estroven).   I use Black Cohosh and Ginseng intermittenly (not every day).  Not everyone agrees on what benefits come from each source; the above is based on my observations.

This supplement regimen works for me.  I cannot recommend it for you, as I do not know what health concerns or issues you may have.  I encourage you to learn more about supplements (Resources
here), and to ask your doctor about them next time you're in for a check-up.  Like most things, excessive amounts or improper combinations can be harmful, so common sense is advised.  



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