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Welcome to Lush Long Hair

Inspiration for long haired ladies 

and those who love them!


Authentic, beautiful long hair is the IT style.  Get the very best - your own!   Lady Long Hair is here to share the resources, techniques, tools, wisdom, and confidence you will need to grow your own luscious long locks.

Forget extensions, costly and difficult to maintain -- grow your own beautiful hair into a long, shiny, versatile and beautiful head of glory.  Lady Long Hair is a family-friendly online resource to promote, inspire and support lovely long hair for women of all ages (past, present, and future) and of all ages (young and younger).  Long haired Lords are always welcome too!

Whether you are on the hair-growing path, just thinking about it, or supporting someone who is, you will enjoy browsing through the photos (click on any image to enlarge) and tips, seeing the very best tools and accessories, and connecting to many online long hair resources to make your personal long hair journey more satisfying and successful.

Pour yourself a cup of tea, a glass of wine, or a smoothie -- settle back, and linger for a while on these pages.  I hope it will be a pleasant visit, and that you will be refreshed, inspired and informed. 


Please drop me a note at ladylonghair at gmail.com; I love getting feedback and suggestions and look forward to your comments.


Enjoy your long hair journey!


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Supporting Lovely Long Hair for Women of All Ages 

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