The very best  hair accessories -- beautiful, hair-safe, functional


Ficcare Maximas Hair Clips

 Awesome hair accessory.  Superior hold, outstanding appearance, hair friendly,  beautiful, useful, the best!  

To see some Maximas clips in action securing a French Twist, click here.  

Nothing holds long hair securely in a comfortable updo better than a Maximas!

   Antique Silver w/Turquoise, 3-Tone Lavender w/Tanzanite, Border Jade, Primavera Tortoise, Border Burgundy, Gold w/2-Tone Topaz, Border Black, Antique Silver w/Crystal, Multistripe Baby Pink, Glittery Gold


 Ficcare Ficcarissimos, Mini Maximas, Beaks

Ficcarissimos:  Lite Blonde Lg, Topaz Med, Auburn Lg

Mini Maximas:  Gold Matte, Caramel

Beaks:  Bamboo Med, Primavera Gold Lg, Border Pink Lg


Ficcare Website here 




Tiger's Eye, Amethyst & Sterling, Victoriana, Brushed Gold, Gilded Gold

beautiful, creative, excellent quality, I love my Maiden's Treasures!

Maiden's Treasures Hairstyx

Southwest Summer, Amazon Garden, Arabesque in Green, Clustered Pearls, Precious Treasure



 France Luxe Accessories

Baerreis Lil Egypt and Barrette       Hair Forks            Mamacat Forks     

 ClimbingBear Auctions                                                                                          Mamacat Wood Creations

Curved Purpleheart 4-prong fork; Birdseye Maple hair sticks
3-prong forks in Purpleheart, Pink Ivory & Kingwood


France Luxe                   Combs                De Renaudin

Gold Glimmer           At the Seashore          Arabian Nights

Handmade Hair Sticks  


Mamacat:  Ribbon Spirals in Indigo Royalwood, 
Tropical Passionwood, & Alabaster;
Corkscrews in Colonial Chestnut




         Mossy Tree Sprite


   Blue Heron Kingwood Ketylo & Papadon Fuchsia Ozarktwists

  Blue Heron Woodworks        Papadonh





Copper Wire Slides        Hair Slides    Celtic Hair Slide

                                        Wire Jewelry




 Native American beaded barrette, silk floral clip



Russian birch bark, Cloisonné, silk floral, faux pearl & crystal barrettes

France Luxe:  Elysee Onyx, Rectangular Riche, Ultrathin Swarovski Wave Tokyo, Small Rectangular Wave Swarovski Black, Couture Volume Mojave

Multicolor and white crystal barrettes



Hairpins & Bobbies

                                                                                                  ~ shotglass storage ~

                                                     Clockwise from top left:

Sta-Rite Bronze hairpins (here), Scünci No-Slip Grip bobbies (here), Amish 3" hairpins (here), 
Conair jeweled bobbies, Good Hair Days Magic-Grip hairpins (here), Meta-Grip Roller Pins (here), not pictured 

(most pins & bobbies available at Sally's Beauty Supply here or Walgreen's here)




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