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We'll take care of your errands and your pet's needs so you can enjoy more quality free time.


Grocery Shopping

Prescription Pickup

Post Office Runs

Dry Cleaning

Delivery & Pickups

Restaurant Meal Delivery

Movie Rentals/Returns

Misc. Shopping


$12.50 per errand   OR  $15.00 per hour for combining errands 


   Home Sitting

Repairman Waiting

Thank You's and Invitations

Gift Wrapping

Babysitting and/or Senior Sitting/Companion


$15.00  per hour

Grocery Shopping                                   

Just give us your list!
We will do your shopping at your favorite
supermarket and deliver everything
right to your door. This service is ideal
for retirees,
families, single moms, or anyone who just
wishes they had more time in the day!

....only $12.50 per trip  or $15.00 per hour for combining tasks                                      

Personal Services

We'll pick you up, take you to your destination and drive you home.  We'll even wait at the Doctor's office for you or accompany you to an event such as a concert, play, or even a nice meal at your favorite restaurant.  We also make airport runs to Orlando, Melbourne and West Palm Beach.  We'll drive you there and be waiting for you when you come back from your business trip or vacation. 


 Pet Care Services

For healthier, happier pets!
Finally, someone to take care of your four-legged friends as well as you do! Our pet care services include: daily dog walks,
trips to the vet or groomers, pet sitting, pet supply pickup and more.
We’ll treat your pets like they were our own!

.....starting at  

 $12.50/visit  or $15.00 per day for two visits

Time Saving Services

Deliveries:  We'll deliver forgotten items to school or work.  We'll also deliver gifts, packages, documents, office supplies and much more.

Restaurant Meals:  Ever have a hankering for a great meal at your favorite restaurant but you just don't feel like getting dressed or have the time to go out?  Give us a call and we'll order your meal for business or home and bring you a hot dinner to satisfy your hunger. 

Product Repair::  Does your TV, VCR/DVD, vacuum or musical instrument need to be taken or picked up from the repair shop?  Let us do this for you.  Also, we can wait at your home for the repair man to show up for phone, cable and any other kind of repairs that might have to be done. 




Doctor Visits

Dentist Visits

Bill Paying

Correspondence Assistance

Errand Running

Personal Services


$15.00 per hour 

10% OFF for Seniors



Orlando Airport:  $105.00

West Palm Beach    Airport     $95.00 

Melbourne Airport     $60.00