Bronze & Brass

A Malines bronze mortar and pestle. The rim inscribed "Petrus vanden Ghein me fecit MCCCCCLXXI"  (1571),
above a frieze, decorated with a repeated motif of chimaera's holding a vase and alternating with rams heads (brucania) between leaf masks.
Height 11 cm.

A bronze mortar, Low Countries. The rim inscribed: "Amor vincit omnia 1643", above a frieze decorated with foliage.
Height 7,5 cm.


 A Spanish bronze mortar with star decorations on the rim and between the vertical profiled ribs on the body.
Early 17th century. Height 8,5 cm.


Three candlesticks in copper alloy, Low Countries. From left to right: ca. 1480, ca. 1520 and ca. 1650.

A Flemish brass capstan base candlestick. Late 16th century. Height 12,5 cm.

An impressive and attractive copper alloy bell base candlestick with multi-knopped shaft.
Nuremberg (Germany), 17th century.
The high standard of workmanship that is the hallmark of the Nuremberg brass industry is evident here. 
Height: ca. 24 cm.


A pair of brass candle snuffer scissors, marked EC. Nuremberg (Germany), early 17th century.

A small bronze household holy water stoup. Height without extended handle: 7 cm.
Nuremberg (Germany), 17th century.

A Dutch 18th century copper tobacco box with on both sides an erotic scene and an erotic poem:
"Ik heb een oude man die mij niet kan behaage - maar Veenus voegt het werk dat ik niet heb te klaage".


A French cast brass chamberstick, late 17th/early 18th century.

A Flemish sheet brass chamberstick decorated with dinanderie chasing work, early 19th century.


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