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Lettering Policy

Crown Point Girls Cross Country Varsity Letter Policy

Student-Athletes may earn a varsity letter by meeting 2 of the following standards.  The student-athlete must also maintain good standing with the team.  This included, but is not limited to, practice attendance/participation, academic standing, and school/community discipline.
  • Run 50% or more races on Varsity (Top 7 finishers on our team)
  • Run in a post-season race (DAC, Sectionals, Regionals, Semi-State or State)
  • Be on the Top 12 Post Season Roster
  • Run 22:00 or better
  • Attend 90% of summer conditioning
  • Be a senior who has completed 3 full seasons
  • Coaches discretion (i.e. an athlete demonstrating the ability to achieve the above, but becomes injured and still supports her teammates and coaches)