Lads 1144 Safety Committee

Karl Bangerter - Chairman 


L.A.D.S. Local 1144 Safety Committee

 Mission Statement:

It is the goal of the safety committee to maintain the highest level of well being that should be practiced industry wide and day to day. Volunteers will be asked to demonstrate by example, and to inform and educate union members, contractors, and all who might be unsafe in there life practices. Committee members will be asked to research and report on specific safety related items. This will include resources and conclusions including when and how to implement safe practices. When outside help is required what strategies and who to contact will be listed with the hope to eliminate the need for intervention and ultimately create the highest levels of safety.

Presented by Safely Committee Members Mike Fleer and Karl Bangerter

Karl Bangerter - Contact Karl

For more on safety go to: Seattle and Vicinity Construction Safety Council