To be eligible, you must be at least age 18, eligible to work in the United States, and unemployed.

To get your name on the out-of-work List, telephone 206-441-1144 or 1-800-422-7013, then press 4, and provide:

  • Your name
  • Phone number(s)
  • City you live in
  • Skills (metal and framer, drywall hanger, lather, acoustic, certified
  • welder, insulator, clean rooms)
  • Skill level (journeyman, apprentice bracket, or utility person/laborer)
  • Distance you will travel for work
  • Union you are a member of if any




Leaving all information on the answer service is acceptable and preferred. You may also provide this information in person during office hours. You can only register yourself on the list.

An updated list is generated each Monday morning, comprised of the previous week's input.
The "week" begins at 7:00 AM Monday and end 5:00 PM Friday.
To stay current on the out-of-work list, you must contact the office one time each week.

Your entry has a number when you are put into the out-of-work computer file. In general, this number changes each week with revisions to the list (smaller number equals greater probability of dispatch.) It is assigned for hiring and record keeping purposes. You will be called for work in numerical priority, based on your skills and the area you will work. The number reflects your initial call in date, with a "first called, first out" hiring sequence. Keep in mind the list is comprised of interior systems trades people with various skills/skill levels. Therefore, as example although you may be "58 " on the list, you may be the first available lather needed that will travel to "Bellingham_ on the list - and the first called for the job opportunity.

Individuals accepting dispatches and not showing-up at the job will be moved to the bottom of the list!
Dispatches may ONLY be accepted by the individual being dispatched.

You are also encouraged to try to recruit work on your own. You can request a copy of 1144's contractors' list (telephone numbers/addresses) be sent to you. Because 1144 contractors are not restricted to utilize only the out-of-work list to man their jobs. It should not be your only method in your pursuit of employment.

When you secure a job, call the hall for a dispatch form. Dispatch forms are processed via fax and mail. You do not need to come to the hall to get a dispatch form.

1144 members who apply for Washington Unemployment Security Benefits are required to meet these out-or-work list requirements for the work search requirement. If you apply for Unemployment Insurance and are NOT current on the out-of-work list, the state may
contact us as to your status on the out-of -work list and your benefits may
be jeopardized