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Scholarship Program

Since 1999, Ladakh Nuns Association has sponsored nuns to receive Buddhist and general education in institutions in Ladakh and throughout India and Nepal.

LNA sponsored the nuns for further study at Dharamsala and Dehradun, India. The number of nuns receiving such assistance has risen steadily each year. LNA currently sponsors forty nuns to be trained in Buddhist philosophy and modern education. 

The Scholarship Program is supported by generous individuals from around the world who donate $25 USD per month ($300 per year) for the education and living expenses per nun. As some nuns, whose study is supported by LNA, do not sponsors, the money is used collectively to benefit all the nuns equally. Many of the sponsors have come to visit the nun that they support, and the nuns write letters with periodic updates of their studies and progress to their sponsors. 

The Scholarship Program for nuns’ education is greatly contributing to an increasing number of young nuns in Ladakh and helping to improve literacy and Buddhist knowledge among them. More and more young women, who have seen the suffering of their elders, are choosing the life of a nun, in order to liberate themselves and their elders from the suffering they have experienced. With access to Buddhist education and a spiritual community for practice, educated nuns play an essential role as leaders and Dharma teachers in their communities. Many of the nuns receiving education have a long term vision of becoming teachers themselves for the younger nuns, which will help the revival of the Ladakhi nuns and ensure that the nuns' sangha thrives in the future.