Amchi Clinic Opens 2009

LNA opened two clinics in Leh in 2009. One is at the main market near the bus station while the other one is on the main road near the College. Two Amchis attend each clinic each day, except Saturday.

We have stared to prepare medicines at our Centre. We collected herbs from the mountains in summer. At present we have  to order the other ingredients, tropical fruits and roots of  herbs from Punjab. It is very expensive and we have to wait for the materials to be transported by road.

The number of patients is increasing every day, as patients are  very happy with the treatment received from the nuns. Some have commented on how effective the fresh medicines are, compared to pills.

We all are very thankful to Biologo of Switzerland for their great support to train the nine nuns as Tibetan medicine practitioners. With their financial support over the last seven years our nuns have now stared to contribute physical and mental help to patients in Leh.

The Amchis travel to remote areas, to provide consultations, dispense medicines and give talks on preventative health, depending on resources and time available. When they visit remote villages, they use donated space, in nunneries and women's organisations, to reduce costs.

LNA has started renting fields in villages to cultivate herbs for the next five to ten years. There is a pharmacy store at the LNA site and medicines are made and stored there.

The clinics are attracting a wide range of patients: women and men, young and old, nuns and monks, and foreign visitors during the summer. Consultations are provided free, and charges are made for the medicines dispensed. The service is especially appreciated by women, as they feel free to discuss all of their concerns with female practitioners. The community is responding well to nuns providing Amchi service.

Update 2012

A number of the Amchis decided to return to their own region and work in Amchi clinics there, so the second clinic in Leh was closed. There is now a clinic at the main LNA centre and a pharmacy store.  A second group of nuns are hoping to begin their training as Amchis in 2013; there is only one place available at the Training Centre in Dharamsala for students from the Himalayan region (most places are for Tibetans). All of the interested nuns are studying for the entrance exam, but it is expected that they will go to study in Darjeeling.