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The Ladakh Nuns' Association is now a well established organization with an active part in the religious and civic communities of Ladakh. The Association has helped to raise the status, visibility, education and living conditions of the nuns. As it has provided opportunities for education and spiritual practices, there has been a substantial increase in the number of women being ordained every year. 

There are currently over 1200 Ladakhi nuns, the majority of whom are under 30 years old. There are 28 nunneries, ten of which are active and fully functioning. Nuns are able to attend retreats, teachings and work¬shops provided by LNA; activities they never had access to in the past. The Association has established sponsorships for nuns to study in Ladakh and throughout India; creating opportunities for education, long denied to women choosing a spiritual life. Consequently, we now have 275 young nuns studying in various schools and institutes. Out of those, 198 nuns are studying in branch schools of the Central Institute of Buddhist Studies at 11 nunneries in Ladakh. It has helped create a network among the nunneries so that they can work together and overcome the feelings of isolation which many had experienced and endured for so long. 

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LNA supports nuns to study as Amchis (Tibetan medical doctors) so that they can take care of their own health and that of the villagers. It also assists in construction projects of nunneries in Ladakh to meet the basic amenities and to improve their living conditions.


To fully assess the situation of nuns and the conditions of the nunneries, a survey team has made periodic surveys over the years. The team completed full survey assessments in seven nunneries in 1999, another five nunneries in 2001, and two nunneries in 2003. Follow-up surveys were conducted by independent volunteers in summer 2006. The surveys indicated that although the needs of the nuns are still great, there have been significant improvements both in access to the teachings and to support for the nuns. According to the nuns, Ladakh Nuns Association has created opportunities to deepen their spiritual practices, through teachings and trainings. It has also improved their accommodation and living conditions, consequently, forming a firm network of mutual understanding and support.

Taking an active role in the community, LNA also provides Ladakhi lay women with access to Dharma teachings and literacy.