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2013 Newsletter

posted Feb 5, 2014, 12:40 AM by Ladakh Nuns

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2012 Newsletter

posted Nov 25, 2012, 2:26 PM by Santacārī Bhikkhunī   [ updated Nov 25, 2012, 3:07 PM ]


2012 Newsletter

With the blessings of Buddha and all the supporters of LNA, the year 2012 has been one of the most exciting years. The year saw completion of the construction of main LNA centre at Leh, the blessing ceremony of community hall at LNA centre by the Most Venerable Galden Tripa Rizong sRas Rinpochey, spiritual teachings by H.H. The Dalai Lama and visit of our old and new friends, supporters and donors from India as well as other countries.
After the tragic event of 2010 flash flood and the subsequent recovery time of almost one year, this year has been a time to rejoice and to pay gratitude to Three Jewels for being able to sustain the hardship and the struggle to keep our efforts towards the welfare of nuns in Ladakh and the people as a whole. There has been an increase in the number of visitors to our various centres.
We are thankful to all our supporters especially to Mr. C. Somboon (Moo), General Secretary of International Network of Engaged Buddhism (INEB), Thailand, who shared his views on the future development of LNA. It has been a great inspiration for all the nuns and provided immense support and encouragement to strengthen the will-power to continue our work and efforts.

We are also indebted to Dr. Monika Muller for providing us with financial help in buying blankets. Also, we are thankful for the visit of Marianne Wiseman who shared her experience and knowledge with all the students here. We are also thankful to all other supporters and friends of LNA who have been constant source of encouragement for us. We wish you all a very prosperous and harmonious new year 2013.

With profound prayers,
Ven. Tsering Palmo


The school reopened in March and all of the students were excited and enthusiastic to be back. This time the students are supported by convenience facility from nunnery to their respective schools. They are studying in three different schools; Lamdon Model Higher Secondary School at Leh, the Central Institute of Buddhist Studies at Choglamsar and Siddhartha School at Stok. The Director of the Central Institute of Buddhist Studies has kindly accepted our request to send their bus to pick up our nuns from Leh. 

Multipurpose/Community Hall 

Work on the wooden flooring in the multipurpose hall started in March and it took almost one and half months to complete. After that we decided to paint the interior in the traditional way. Three painters were employed and within two months they had completed all the walls and the shelves. 

Teachings and Discourses 

We had the opportunity to attend ten days of teachings at the Gumay Monastery by the Most Ven. Gaden Tripa Rezong Rinpoche, who is also LNA’s patron, from the third to the nineteenth of June. On the 11th of June Rinpoche la visited our nunnery and performed the blessing ceremony and gave teachings to the Sangha and the public in the morning. In the afternoon we held a meeting to receive Rinpoche’s advice in regard to the future of LNA. We presented the three year account report and the activities report. All of the nuns were able to attend the meeting. Rinpoche also gave a ten-day teaching in the Main Temple in Leh where all of the nuns attended his discourse. 

From August 4 to August 7 the nuns participated in the discourse by H.H. the Dalai Lama. It was really a great inspiration for all the people having the great opportunity to attend the teachings. 

Buddha Jayanti Celebration 

On the Buddha Jayanti (June 4) day celebration at Leh, all the LNA nuns participated and they sang the Vandana at the beginning of the Ceremony. Thirty nuns sang in the centre of the Leh Polo ground and they blessed the days. Five nuns also participated in a debate with their school class mates during the Buddha Janti day. This is the first time in the history of Buddha Jyanti in Ladakh that the nuns and students were given the opportunity to share the sublime teachings of the Buddha 

with the public through debate. It is an honour for all the nuns in Ladakh that they have started receiving this broader support and recognition from the public. Ven. Jigmat Chorol received second prize in the Inter School Essay Writing Competition in Bhoti Language and three nuns also received consultation prize from the Chief Guest Shri. Rigzen Spalbar, Chief Executive Councilor, LAHDC. 

Above: LNA students chanting on Buddha Jayanti at Leh 

Children’s Library and Tuition Program 

Dr. Marguerite Theophil from Mumbai visited LNA and inaugurated the children’s library for the younger nuns in the nunnery. 

She brought many books which she collected with the help of her friends. 

All the nuns are very excited and happy to read books with many interesting stories. 

Left: Dr. Marguerite Theophil inaugurating Children’s library

Dr. Theophil’s friend Mrs. Bala and her friends visited LNA and they spent half a day with the students. 

They helped to initiate the free tuition program for the weaker nuns within the LNA. 

Captain Bala inaugurated the program, known as the “Divine Bal Gurukul“, a joint activity of the Indian Development Foundation and the Ladakh Nuns Association on August 28. 

Right: Captain S.Balasu inaugurating the Divine Bal-Gurukul 

Herb Collection and Amchi Activities 

All the Amchi nuns and the students again helped in the annual herb collection, spending four days in the Changthang and Karnak Valleys. The nuns made three visits to the high pass of Khardong la. Most of the students participated in the collection. 

This year a nun from Basgo village joined LNA. Venerable Bhikkhuni Ishey Angmo has a fascinating story: she spent seven years in Taiwan where she received the full Bhikkhuni ordination and five years in Kolkata helping in the Centre. She is now interested in learning Amchi medicine so she has decided to stay in Ladakh. 

Currently there are six nuns studying the basic health care program under the guidance of Amchi Dorje Youdon, Amchi Thubten Dolma and Amchi Palmo. The Amchis gave treatment within the nunnery for women’s diseases: five elderly women received treatment from the nuns using the medicinal water therapy. All of them recovered. One elderly monk, 81 years old also received the medicinal water treatment. He had partial paralysis for one year and nine months. He is steadily improving. His attendant monks were at LNA to care of him and to learn from the Amchis. 

We would like to thank Bioligo for continuing their support of the Amchi training program. Six nuns are already receiving basic training in the health care program. Eight nuns had the great opportunity to receive free tuition from the Dreung Loseling Pethub Khangtsen Education Society, Leh. 

Right: Nuns collecting medicinal herbs 

Bhutanese Nuns Foundation Visit 

Bhutan Nuns Foundation organized a trip to Ladakh. There were representatives from thirteen of the twenty-six nunneries in Bhutan. The Director, Dr. Tashi Zangmo, and four member of the foundation also participated in the one-day exchange workshop with the LNA nuns. 

It was really a great opportunity for all the nuns of Ladakh and Bhutan to share information about each other’s problems and exchange their ideas and view regarding the future. Both groups agreed to have more exchange workshop in the future. Dechen la was the representative of UNFPA, which funded the nuns’ visit to Ladakh. 

Above: Dr. Tashi Zangmo with her Bhutanese nuns during their visit at LNA nuns.

Medical Consultation and Group visit 

The nuns gave medical consultation for two international groups of patients in July and August. The group was satisfied and happy to meet the nuns and receive advices on mental and physical health. The group has contributed to the seed fund for the medicines. 

We are highly grateful to Patrcia Beaudeau and Thierry Beaudeau of Association Docteur Trogawa Rinpochey, who guided the group to us, for giving the nuns the opportunity and encouragement towards their medical and treatment skills. 

Dr. Cornial visited with her group and encouraged to repair the roof so that it can withstand heavy rain. They donated a sum of Rs. One hundred thousand; we are highly thankful to the group. 

Individual Visit 

Heather Crotts from America visited and shared her experience with the nuns. Isolde Walter, member of the Tibet support group and member from Kempten Germany, visited for one day. Her sponsored the nuns Tashi Dolkar and Rigzen Angmo and accompanied them to the trip for the Whaka Jampchubling Nunnery. The two students gained experience to exchange their knowledge and experience being a nun. 

Yeshe khando and Dolma, the LNA coordinators from France, visited and spent a day with the nuns. 

Ladakh Nuns Association 

G.H. Road, Lower Skara, P.O. Box 157, 
Leh, Ladakh-194104. 

Tel. +91-1982-251425 

Email – nunsladakh@gmail.com 



Link to News from LNA Sept 2010 to Feb 2012

posted Mar 27, 2012, 8:54 AM by Santacārī Bhikkhunī   [ updated Nov 25, 2012, 3:23 PM ]

This link will take you to the news posted by the LNA nuns between Sept 2010 and Feb 2012. http://nunsladakh.wordpress.com/

News from 2000 to 2010

posted Mar 27, 2012, 8:52 AM by Santacārī Bhikkhunī   [ updated Oct 10, 2013, 1:37 AM by Ladakh Nuns ]

Buddha Purnima 2010

The Purnima or full moon day of the month of Vaisakha [May] is the day that three very important events in the life of the Buddha. On this day Buddhists celebrate the Buddha's  birth, Enlightenment and Pari-Nirvana. It is the most sacred day in the Buddhist calendar.

According to Theravadan Buddhism, the Buddha's parinibbana occurred in 544 BCE, which makes this year 2010 CE and it is the year 2554 by the Buddhist calendar.

The picture on the above shows the young nuns chanting the story of the Buddhas life - his birth, enlightenment and passing away at the Vaisakha celebrations. 

They had been practicing their chanting for days with great excitement. They had not been asked to chant in public before and they took their religious duty very seriously.

One person said: I have never heard such enthusiastic and joyfull chanting. These young nuns certainly gave it their all and delivered their beautiful and joyful chanting with much energy and enthusiasm!

As you can see from their lovely faces their hearts and faith were fully engaged and their enthusiasm only enhanced the 'holiness' of their chanting.

The procession of monks and other people down the mountain from the Tsemo monastery was an amazing sight to see. They were chanting on their way down the mountain to purify their minds from all defilements. They were chanting Changchub Samchok Rinpoche maske panam kegurchik kewa nyapma mathpayang gongne gongto phalvarshok.

International Exposure Trips and Advocacy

Since its foundation, LNA has had support and recognition from individuals and groups abroad. During the last decade, nuns from LNA have made trips to foreign countries for several purposes. At times the trips have been to raise awareness about the situation of Ladakhi nuns. Others have been for exposure to different Buddhist traditions and teachings. Each of the nuns who had traveled abroad agreed that such experiences were enormous learning opportunities, and felt proud to share the unique culture and traditions of Ladakh while also learning about others’.   


LNA expresses its gratitude to all the Singaporean Buddhist individuals who supported the building of the original accommodation for LNA. Additionally, theirgenerous gift of a vehicle is still in operation. 

Thailand 2000 & 2003

In July 2000, Dr. Palmo attended the Ariya Vinaya (Buddhist monastic disciplinary rules) Seminar in Thailan; an educational gathering of monks, nuns and lay people from different countries and Buddhist Schools. In 2003, Dr. Palmo participated in the “Think Sangha”, a bi-annual gathering of Buddhist scholars and activists organized by the International Network of Engaged Buddhists on “Buddhist responses to violence”. She spoke of women and nuns in Ladakh, highlighting both the challenges and improvements that have been made. During this visit, Dr. Palmo also spoke to several groups of Thai lay people about the connections between health care and Dharma practice and its importance. Dr. Palmo returned to Thailand the following year to lead a training on Buddhism and health care for a group of exiled women activists from Burma attending a Buddhism and Peacebuilding course organized by International Women’s Partnership for Peace and Justice (IWP). 

Partnership for Peace and Justice  (IWP) 2004 & 2005

Two nuns from LNA, Ven. Stanzin Youdon and Sonam Chorol, attended a three-month monsoon retreat course in Thailand in late 2004. On the invitation of Venerable Dhammananda, the first ordained female monk in Thailand, the LNA nuns studied the vinaya of ordained women with other nuns from South and Southeast Asia. All of the nuns participated in the daily activities of Ven. Dhammananda’s temple, which included morning alms rounds, a tradition no longer practiced in Tibetan Buddhism, chanting and meditation. The course also included exposure trips to temples and ancient sites in Thailand. 

In 2005, LNA members, Venerables Thupsten Angmo and Sonam Chorol, joined a six-week course for Buddhist women in South and Southeast Asia on Engaged Buddhism and Peace building, organized by IWP. It combined daily mindfulness practices for building peace within oneself, while simultaneously learning about the core Buddhist teachings and to use them for social analysis and community activism.

Netherlands 2006

Dr. Palmo represented LNA in the Ladakh Festival in the Netherlands in November 2006. Organized by the Dutch Foundation for Ladakhi Nuns, the Ladakh Festival is an annual event to raise awareness and funds for the nuns of Ladakh. 

Japan 2006

In December 2006, Dr. Palmo travelled to Japan to meet the supporters of LNA and to build a network among the Buddhist women.

Previous Public Events 2000 2002 2007

Over the years, LNA has organized several  large events for the nuns and the general public. These events have helped to raise awareness about, and the visibility of, the nuns in Ladakh, and the response and support from the public has been extremely positive. 

In May 2000 LNA organized a Tara Ceremony for its benefactors from Singapore, Europe and for all sentient beings. A second, much larger Tara ceremony was held in 2002 for the long life of His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Nuns chanted the Tara Puja a million times over the five-day ceremony. Laywomen from the Women’s Alliance of Ladakh attended the ceremony and offered their support by preparing the butter lamps for the puja. 

During the great Monlam Festival in 2007; an annual mega gathering of the monks and nuns of Ladakh for five days, there were three hundred nuns from different nunneries in attendance. On the fourth day, the general body meeting of Ladakh Nuns Association convened for the election of its president and the working committee members. We hold this election every three years. The nuns requested Dr. T. Palmo to be their president once again, and eight new committee members were also selected. We presented the report of our activities and the accounts report of the last three years at the gathering. 

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