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Nuno Guereiro is the first member of his family to return to normative judaism since the burning of his ancestors by the inquisition in lisbon and evora . Since 2003, the blog has an indexed archive and a zillion links. portuguese with english translation available.

 Kulanu is a usa charitable organization of diverse individuals helping the lost and dispersed remnants of the jewish people. they provide research,  education, and money. they have worked with the native people of south america and africa, the lemba, the bnei menashe, the anousim. they support orphans and schools. they are good people.


 In the 14th/16th centurytens of thousands of Jews in Spain and Portugal were murdered, tortured and forcibly converted.These were called 'New Christians'    500 years later 'New Christians' returned to Judaism  This site is their story then and now.